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There is no job potential off the table when it comes to freelance cannabis jobs. The cannabis culture is becoming embedded into pop culture. And as a result, freelance cannabis jobs are becoming more available, especially in the metro areas.

You can freelance as a reviewer, sales rep, writer, critic, delivery person, and edible chef. These cannabis jobs are geared towards creativity and flexibility. Let's take a closer look at cannabis jobs that allow you to be an independent contractor or freelancer.

Top Freelance Cannabis Jobs

Freelance Cannabis Jobs

Being a Critic

Being a marijuana critic is one of the best cannabis jobs, if you love writing and researching. This is one of those flexible positions where you can work at home in your own time, considering specific deadlines to complete assignments. You should be able to write concise and readable critique that people from all walks of life can understand. In some cases, you may have to write about the cannabis industry and in other cases, various marijuana strains.

You may also be asked to critique different cannabis products such as extractors, vaporizers, edibles and other popular products. The compensation will usually be per critique or some companies will pay by the word count. You are considered to be a contractor and so do not expect things like vacation pay or health benefits unless you can work something special out with the company. Your critique or review should be honest, authentic and in good taste with no implications of bias.

Freelance Writer

You can also assume one of the most popular freelance cannabis jobs as a writer. As more cannabis blogs pop up over the Internet, there are more opportunities available. To land one of these cannabis jobs, you would do your own research for current cannabis blogs and contact the owner of the blogs, asking if they need your writing services.

Of course, you would have to submit relevant samples of your writing. You can contact magazines and newspapers as well, whether online or offline.

You have to be proficient and know how to pay attention to detail. Also, you have to be well informed about the cannabis industry or know how to conduct extensive and in-depth research. You also have to stay abreast to changes in marijuana laws and regulations. Lastly, you should be able to explore the components of the cannabis culture.

Web Developer                                                   

Another one of the popular cannabis jobs you can do as a freelancer is web development. This is a mobile career, but you must have programming and other computer skills such as graphic design or web design. You must know how to create mobile apps as well as websites that are user friendly and easy to navigate.

You also have to study the cannabis industry so you will know how to streamline the website for your client. This is one of the cannabis jobs that could be lucrative and convenient.

The Consultant

You can assume a position as a consultant to a marijuana dispensary, if you are an attorney, sales professional, blog writer, web designer, business plan writer, marketing and CPA.

As a consultant, you have to be an expertise in various different aspects of the cannabis industry such as business license application, bookkeeping, writing, sales and marijuana laws. If you ar a professional marketer, you will be able to assist companies in creating their brand in an industry that is growing in leaps and bounds.

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Final Thoughts on Top Freelance Cannabis Jobs

Other areas of expertise that you can capitalize on are photography, graphic design, social media, edible creator and information technology. The future of the cannabis industry is freelance.

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