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There should be no second guessing. The cannabis industry has seen an increase in recent years as more states become legal. The growth and expansion of the industry has lately been contrasted to the introduction of Internet broadband during the year 2000.

One of the most recent forecasts of the industry is that by 2020, there will be more top salaried 420 jobs as a result of states becoming legal. The cannabis industry is experiencing an exciting period where so many people are seeking a cannabis career or high salaried 420 jobs. Let us look at some of those top salaried jobs inside the legal marijuana industry. You will know which one of these 420 jobs will work best for you.

Store Manager

Retail stores do need a store manager, even in the legal marijuana industry. Store managers have a responsible task of running the store and maintaining the legal regulations. In most cases, you can expect to get an annual salary of $75,000, which is quite decent, depending on where you live and work. The state of California has a higher cost of living. In that case, the salary may be higher. Most store managers also receive employment benefits such as vacation time and health insurance coverage. In some instances, they also get bonuses in addition to the regular pay. This can be work out to be a substantial amount, putting this one in the category of one of the top salaried 420 jobs.

Sales Rep

Sales reps are also needed in the cannabis industry and can work out to be one of the top salaried 420 jobs because of its potential. A sales rep in the cannabis industry will visit dispensaries and retail stores to forge close business connections between the marijuana growers and themselves. As a sales rep, it is important to have sufficient knowledge about every facet of the business. This includes the cannabis products and regulations. A sales rep salary is usually based on commission as in a conventional industry. In the cannabis industry, the sales rep will earn a percentage of marijuana sales made. This job has potential to make a lot of money for the talented and experienced sales rep.

Marijuana Dispensary Owner

A marijuana dispensary owner may have one of the top salaried 420 jobs in modern history of any industry. The dispensary owner must know and stay current with the laws and regulations within the state where the dispensary is operated.  Depending on sales and operation procedures, a marijuana dispensary owner will usually make more than $100,000 per year as compensation.

Cannabis Grow Master

A cannabis grow master is one of the top salaried 420 jobs that is sought after. However, this particular job requires knowledge, experience and training. The grow master is the person that cultivates marijuana strains. You can expect to make more than $100,000 yearly as cannabis grow masters. As legalization takes place in more states and legislation is approved for recreational marijuana, this job becomes more in demand.

Chef For Cannabis Edibles

You can become a chef for cannabis edibles, if you love cooking or baking. You have to know the potency of different strains and concentrates. Knowing how to use an extraction machine is very helpful. You should also know how to prepare edibles that are measured in a specific dose for safe consumption. A cannabis edibles chef can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 annually.

If you want to land one of these top salaried 420 jobs, it is recommended that you receive cannabis training from the Cannabis Training University. You could start out in an entry level position, but it would take time to get a promotion. So, enroll today at the Cannabis Training University.

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