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Top Weed Jobs Nationwide

The cannabis industry is becoming quite popular, growing in leaps and bounds as society shows a welcomed acceptance that wasn't shown before in the past. For this reason, more individuals are seeking weed jobs in the cannabis industry and some are even thinking about advancement in a cannabis career. Some of these weed jobs are unique and this is probably attracting more workers to the locations where cannabis jobs are being offered.

Las Vegas Job Fair

Terra Tech Corporation is a Cannabis company that took its job fair to Las Vegas, Nevada. The company even ran a large ad in the local newspaper with an expectation of having at least two hundred candidates to show up for weed jobs. But, the company's expectation was low because more than two thousand candidates showed up to be interviewed at the job fair. The company's CEO was shocked at the response, but found that people believed in the industry and the cannabis products that come out of the different companies.

The Candidates

Many of those candidates were inexperienced and had no training and yet they were seeking employment in an industry that they knew nothing about. Some of the candidates were between the ages of 40 and 50. Those were the people who were pushed out of traditional jobs and they were looking for a new employment space to call home. Most candidates had a bachelor's degree, but no specific cannabis training. With that being said, let's look at the top weed jobs that those people and others could consider with the qualification and experience that they currently have, but also with additional training.

Marijuana Grow Master

A marijuana grow master is one of the top weed jobs that require additional training. This position should be held by someone with knowledge of various marijuana strains. A grow master is similar to a master chef. He needs to also know as much as possible about the marijuana plant and how to cultivate it for higher yields. You can expect a salary of a hundred thousand dollars annually as well as some of the profit from marijuana sales.

Store Manager

A store manager is another one of those top weed jobs being offered by many marijuana dispensaries. Every dispensary needs to have a manager. If you have had store management experience, then this is a position that you may be able to fill. Most marijuana store managers can expect to earn an annual salary of seventy five thousand dollars and possible a bonus from sales.

Extraction Specialist

Unless you have used an extraction machine before, an extraction specialist requires training, which you can obtain from the Cannabis training University. You must have a distinct set of skills to perform the duties of an extraction specialist. The annual salary is between seventy five thousand and a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. An extraction specialist must be consistent with procedure and quality.

The Bud Trimmer

If you know nothing about the marijuana industry and want to get into one of the top weed jobs on an entry level, then you could become a bud trimmer. The pay is usually up to thirteen dollars per hour. Some bud trimmers are paid by the amount of buds that they have trimmed. In this case, it could be up to two hundred dollars per pound. The job is tedious, but it is better than working at a fast food restaurant.

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The Marijuana Dispensary Owner

One of the top weed jobs is being the owner of the marijuana dispensary, but this comes with a lot of responsibilities and obligations. You have to stay abreast of the changing laws. The banking and regulatory issues can also be a burden since they continue to shift. However, the pros are more than the cons as you are helping people with chronic illnesses to acquire legal access to medical marijuana. Learn more about how to land a job in the industry and go to the job board on the Cannabis Training University to find and apply for one of the top weed jobs today.

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