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Weed Jobs in Illinois

If you are looking for weed jobs and you reside in the state of Illinois, you are in luck. You don't have to look far, but you have to understand that there are certain laws to abide by as it relates to marijuana. And so, you can take marijuana courses online if you live in the state of Illinois, but you have to find work in states that have already legalized weed. Once you have completed the online training program offered at the Cannabis Training University, it is time to start looking for weed jobs in different areas, but there are other things that are mandatory. Let's take a look.

Choose Right Sector

You should choose the right sector. The legal cannabis industry is broken up into some distinct areas such as retail, cultivation, ancillary services and cannabis-infused products. Ancillary services could include sales management, software development and accounting. So, if you are an accountant, sales manager, or software developer, you can still work in the cannabis industry. If you are not sure where to begin looking, consider these administrative sectors. If you are experienced in customer service, high end retail or hospitality, then you could consider working as a budtender or in some other sales capacity. Many cannabis dispensaries are in dire need of workers who have been employed in high volume and customer service industries.

The Industry

The cannabis industry is labor concentrated and caters to mom and pop establishments. For that reason, the marijuana dispensaries look or people who are hard working. The pay tends to be higher than normal marijuana industries for workers how are knowledgeable and skilled and have experience interacting with a variety of consumers from all demographics of society. Cannabis shops that sell high end products are luring workers that are employed in designer clothing stores.

Technical Skills

If you are technically inclined, then you would probably do better in a laboratory where cannabis is infused into products to make gourmet food, sweets, pastry and even pizza. The industry also has weed jobs that cater to science and scientist or product development and also for testing cannabis products. The companies that have secured their places in the industry will always looking for support services from an office manager or executive assistant. So, if you have worked in any of these positions, your services are always welcomed.

Dress the Part

It is also important, no matter which industry you work to dress the part. It is especially relevant that you dress the part in the cannabis trade where it is important for companies to show the world that they are also professional and that they also obey the law while they stay as far away as possible from the stoner stereotype. So while you can wear a stoner T-shirt on Fridays, make sure you are dressed professional throughout the week. On any of the weed jobs that you find, it is important to have a professional demeanor so that you are seen as qualified and will be taken seriously.

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Education is Important

Again, it is important to become educated and trained so you can land one of the weed jobs if you live in the state of Illinois. The Cannabis Training University offers an online marijuana program to those interested in the cannabis industry. Courses are comprehensive and can be taken in your own flexible time frame and at your own pace. You will learn more about the different marijuana laws, cannabis products, weed jobs and more. Getting certified will put you in a different category of importance when you go look for a 420 job. Go to the Cannabis Training University to learn more.

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