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At times, it might appear that everyone who works in the marijuana industry is just an outgoing and smooth talking sales employee. Even though, these employees do carry a significant weight in the industry, representing the distribution segment, they only make up a portion of what is in reference to ‘cannabusinesses.'

Now, we would like to touch on the subject of introverts and the kind of cannabis jobs that are suited to these cannabis employees. The ideal cannabis jobs for introverts have the potential of being quite rewarding to people who are outgoing and smooth talking.

When you put the cannabis industry under a microscope, you will see its vast reach, although, the industry is still new as it relates to marijuana legalization. Even though, there are marijuana jobs like budtending, there are other cannabis careers that involve working with weed while being an introvert. Let's look at some of those cannabis jobs for introverts.

Cannabis Jobs for Introverts

Bud Trimming

But trimming is one of the most entry level positions in the cannabis industry. Even though, it is entry level, it might be the best place to start, especially if you are just staring out in the marijuana industry and don't know too much about the marijuana plant, except what you learned as a recreational weed smoker. It gives you hands-on experience in the field and before you know it, you can advance to a new position. But trimming is also a cannabis job that may keep you isolated, which is perfect for an introvert. So, in other words, it is one of those solitary positions that introverts will love because they don't like to be around other people and they work better when alone. What is bud trimming?

The Trimming Process

It is the process to which the bud trimmer snips excess marijuana plant matter from the marijuana flowers that has matured. The flower has the highest level of concentration as it relates to THC and CBD. When the marijuana has been harvested, it sometimes removes the colas from the remaining plant. When another work snips off the larger fan leaves, the bud trimmer begins to attack the smaller sugar leaves, which consists of crystal dustings.

Even though, this does have some amount of CBD and THC, they have no benefit to the recreational smoker. That additional left over plant matter known as the trim should be transformed into cannabis concentrate or cannabutter that you may use to make edibles.

The Suitability

The bud trimmer is the perfect person for the cannabis trimming job, if the person is an introvert. Why? This is one of the cannabis jobs that is mundane and can be quite boring. The task is repetitive, but the introvert might consider this the ideal part of the job, in addition to having the chance to working with pot. The solitude of the bud trimmer's job seems to be the match for an introvert.

While the bud trimmer works, he or she can listen to music since there is no human interaction such as customer service. The introvert has to be motivated and focused though to complete the trimming process without any distractions. Most bud trimming jobs pay up to $20 per hour and as low as $12 per hour.

The Marijuana Reviewer

One of the cannabis jobs that are good for an introvert is the marijuana reviewer. This is another one of those positions that thrives on solitude and focus. Part of the job description is writing about various cannabis strains, showcasing the pros and cons. A lot of research may be involved and so this needs concentration. An introvert would be good at this, for sure because the job is very opinionated and time consuming.

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Final Thoughts

Some of the other cannabis jobs that are suited for introverts are the marijuana extraction technician who works alone and needs quiet concentration. This person has to work independently with limited interaction. A web designer, edibles chef, marijuana photographer and web developer also has to work in solitude and would do well as an introvert.

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