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The territory for the marijuana industry is fertile right now and is going to get even more fertile and profitable as the years go by. For that reason, there are many cannabis businesses that will be opened in the upcoming years to come. A lot of employment opportunities will exists as well.

Most cannabis businesses will employ you, no matter your education level, but many of them would prefer that even if you have a degree, you should have some kind of training. No worries, though! The Cannabis Training University provides training to people who are interested in going into the cannabis industry. So, there is a solution, if you have no degree. Moreover, the institutional degree is not always necessary to get into the cannabis industry.

The Legalization

Since marijuana has been legalized, many people are coming out of the black market and creating their own cannabis businesses and so they need qualified people to help them run it including budtenders, bud trimmers, receptionists, managers, and consultants. You might end up getting one of those jobs, if you are educated and trained. It is more ideal to be trained and educated, but training by itself will get you in the door and you can start at an entry level position. Let's take a look at what is involved.

The Process

Cannabis businesses are representative of the industry. The dispensaries will serve not only the local community, but the industry as a whole. It operates like any other retail company in that the employee will usually begin at the entry level position and works his or her way up to management and possibly gaining a fraction of the profits earned by the business. If you are experienced in retail sales and you have received training from a school like CTU, you will have a better chance of skipping the entry level position to assume a position as a budtender.

If you are educated, but not trained, you probably will either begin at the entry level position or be placed in a management or reception position for hands-on job training. Each position in any cannabis job will often interact with the other since everyone has to work in accordance to the goal and objective of the cannabis business. Let's look at the budtender position first.

The Budtender

If you are a budtender, a high school diploma and training is sufficient to land that marijuana job. The budtender is important to all cannabis businesses. Why? For one, the budtender is the first person that deals with the medical cannabis patient in terms of providing the required marijuana strain that will provide treatment to certain qualifying medical conditions or disorders. This person has to be knowledgeable about different kinds of marijuana strains. This person also has to have good customer service skills and so experience in retail sales could be a big plus.

The budtender must have a high level of tolerance because there may be many instances when the consumer might be impatience or overly aggressive, if the budtender is unable to explain certain things pertaining to the patient's health. However, the budtender must be articulate, being able to let the patient know that no medical recommendations will be made. A doctor will have to administer such. The budtender's job is to match the illness with the cannabis strain. A trained budtender will be able to carry out such cannabis job description in the most courteous way.

Dispensary Manager

As a dispensary manager, you might need academic credentials such as a bachelor's degree, but in addition, training would be helpful so you can understand the dynamics of the cannabis industry. You will be able to work in any of the cannabis businesses being formed and it doesn't have to be only a marijuana dispensary. Your education and training could help you land a management job to run the daily operations.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Final Thoughts

A degree from an education institution is not always necessary to get into the marijuana industry, but it would help to have it. However, do make sure that you receive the appropriate cannabis training by enrolling in the Cannabis Training University right now!

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