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Michigan is set to have 3 recreational cannabis stores to open on December 1st.

The state issued recreational cannabis licenses to an additional 2 businesses in Ann Arbor Michigan and customers will be able to shop at them on December 1st. 

Michigan expects many more recreational cannabis shops to open within 2020 in Michigan as well.

Bartek Kupczyk, the retail sales director at Greenstone dispensary after hearing they hd received the recreational licensing approval said “Everything has kind of been working towards this goal for a long time. Now with the movement of adult use, for those of us who know cannabis and who love cannabis, it’s a major milestone here in Michigan.”

Recreational marijuana in Michigan

A second recent dispensary in Ann Arbor to receive the recreational cannabis license, Arbor Wellness, is opening for recreational sales at 8am on Sunday December 1st. 

Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Office has also issued five non-retail licenses for recreational businesses, including a processor license to Ann Arbor’s Arbor Kitchen, an event organizer license to Real Leaf Solutions in Kalkaska, a testing license to PSI Labs of Ann Arbor, and a grow and processing license to Exclusing Brands of Ann Arbor.

The state of Michigan has been busy with their marijuana licensing and has seen many applications for recreational cannabis  that are still pending approval.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency recently announced it would allow the transfer of up to 50% of a retailers 30-day-old inventory, to be sold on the recreational cannabis side. This will help the retailers with inventory and losses. 

In addition, the recreational cannabis market in Michigan will open up many new opportunities for licensed cannabis processors in the state. 

This is a huge win for the state of Michigan and will create enormous tax revenue that can be used towards of multitude of worthy ventures.

Recreational Cannabis States in America

Alaska recreational cannabis

California recreational cannabis

Colorado recreational cannabis

Maine recreational cannabis

Michigan recreational cannabis

Nevada recreational cannabis 

Oregon recreational cannabis

Vermont recreational cannabis

Washington recreational cannabis

Washington D.C. recreational cannabis

As of today, here are more interesting figures on marijuana states in the U.S

  • 11 states have legalized cannabis recreationally, meaning adults can access marijuana products for medicinal and recreational use. (see above)
  • 22 US states in addition have created a legal system for patients to access medical marijuana products through dispensaries or other means. (medical marijuana states)

22 Medical Marijuana states U.S (not recreational as well)

Arizona medical marijuana

Arkansas medical marijuana

Connecticut medical marijuana

Delaware medical marijuana

Florida medical marijuana

Hawaii medical marijuana

Louisiana medical marijuana

Maryland medical marijuana

Minnesota medical marijuana

Missouri medical marijuana

Montana medical marijuana

New Hampshire medical marijuana

New Jersey medical marijuana

New Mexico medical marijuana

New York medical marijuana

North Dakota medical marijuana

Ohio medical marijuana

Oklahoma medical marijuana

Pennsylvania medical marijuana

Rhode Island medical marijuana

Utah medical marijuana

West Virginia medical marijuana.

  • 14 states have authorized the use of CBD products only, and not cannabis yet.

CBD Only States in America

(Decriminalized cannabis if it contains CBD but little to none THC .03 percent or less).

Alabama cbd laws

Georgia cbd laws

Indiana cbd laws

Iowa cbd laws

Kansas cbd laws

Kentucky cbd laws

Mississippi cbd laws

North Carolina cbd laws

Tennessee cbd laws

Texas cbd laws

Virginia cbd laws

South Carolina cbd laws

Wisconsin cbd laws

Wyoming cbd laws

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Three states in the US have banned all types of cannabis completed.

US Cannabis Prohibition States

Idaho cannabis prohibition

Nebraska cannabis prohibition

South Dakota cannabis prohibition

In addition, here is more information on recreational cannabis states in the US.

All recreational cannabis states currently enforce the following rules:

  • 21 is the minimum legal age of purchase for recreational marijuana.
  • Marijuana cannot be transported across state lines no matter what, even if going from one legal cannabis state to another, no transporting is allowed.
  • Driving while under the influence of cannabis is illegal, just as driving while under the influence of alcohol is.

Closing Thoughts

It is an exciting time to be involved in the cannabis industry in the US!

Cannabis is officially the fastest growing industry in the United States!

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