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An Argument For Full Marijunana Legalization By 2021 In The USA. US flag with marijuana leaves.

An Argument For Full Cannabis Legalization By 2021 In The USA

Cannabis legalization was a big deal in the November 6, 2018 midterm election, but as it appears, the case was similar during the Obama and Trump Presidential elections too. However, at each election, this issue seems to get larger and larger with more advocates than opponents. Many advocates believe that in this new presidential administration and the fact that voters are expressing their approval at the poll the Trump team will want to take credit for full cannabis legalization, if it happens on their watch. But, this has been an ongoing trend for at least the last ten decades.

Canada's Recent Move

Canada has made a strategic move to fully legalize cannabis. This occurred most recently on October 17, 2018. It would not be unusual to see the United States take the same move by 2021. If Trump wins in the 2020 Presidential election, then of course, he and his administration will take full credit if cannabis legalization takes place. That would boost his ego, for sure. There are some things that are going on in the background right now to give the strong impression that the federal government fully legalize cannabis by is considering cannabis legalization by 2021. And, the underlying narrative has gained traction globally.

Countries Are Moving In That Direction

In Uruguay, cannabis legalization is now being realized by its residents both on the recreational and medical front. Canada shares a border with the United States that measures 2,500 mile and for this reason, many people think that this might encourage the black market to ship weed from the USA to Canada, if there is no full cannabis legalization by 2021. If the black market takes over, then the USA will miss millions of dollars in tax revenue. Everyone should get a cut of the profits including the towns, cities, states and even the feds. In England, there is an emergency session to consider recreational weed, but medical marijuana has been approved in this country most recently. Germany is making efforts to get into marijuana production and imports. Israel is taking a look at becoming major exporters of marijuana, but nothing concrete has happened yet.


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Getting to 35

Recently, the United Nations has approved CBD that is found in marijuana and hemp. The UN is now reviewing their marijuana policy in an attempt to make changes since as the UN initiative stands both Uruguay and Canada would be breaking it due to their move on cannabis legalization. Within the United States, there are thirty states that have legalized cannabis and up to five additional locations might be approved for medical marijuana by 2020. Once the number reaches more than thirty five, there would be no sense for the federal government to claim that weed is legal. Do you agree? You would think that the United States has 50 states and if 35 states have approved cannabis legalization, then that would be 70% or more of the entire USA. Even for medical reasons, it should be enough to 2021.

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To Wrap It Up

It is important to note that in South America, Columbia has created the largest infrastructure to handle the growth and shipment of medical marijuana. Mexico is the second country to have done this. Texas House Republican Representative, Pete Sessions blocked every marijuana amendment and bill that voted for cannabis legalization. Lucky for Texans and all other Americans, Pete Sessions lost his place in the House of Representatives in the election on November 6, 2018. And so, there is hope that by 2021, cannabis legalization will be closer to happen than before. In addition, more people are supporting and accepting the fact that cannabis has a lot of medical benefits to help those who are chronically ill.

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