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A marijuana caregiver in the state of California has to abide by certain cannabis laws. According to the medical marijuana laws in the state of California, a cannabis patient will qualify for medical marijuana use, if they have been approved or recommended by a licensed doctor.

A primary marijuana caregiver is someone who consistently has the responsibility for providing care to a cannabis patient. The caregiver must also provide safety, and housing, putting most of the focus on the health of the patient.

A marijuana caregiver does not have to be qualified as a user, but primarily to take care of the cannabis patient. The primary caregiver can also transport and cultivate marijuana, but specifically for the cannabis patient.

The Patient Relationship

Another important thing to bear in mind is that in the state of California, the marijuana caregiver has to have had some kind of relationship with the cannabis patient and must have been involved in the patient’s care prior to the patient’s use of medical marijuana.

The primary caregiver must have cared independently for the cannabis patient before administering cannabis to the patient. It is also required that the marijuana caregiver be one of the following:

  • In-home care nurse
  • Doctor
  • Medical staff at a nursing home or treatment center

If the person has been deemed eligible as a marijuana caregiver, then the person is immune to criminal charges for transporting, cultivating and possession marijuana. In other words, marijuana caregiver and the cannabis patient are both protected under the Compassionate Use Act in the state of California.

The Requirements

Under the California Medical Marijuana Plan, the marijuana caregiver is able to put in an application for an ID card. This ID card allows the caregiver to avoid arrest due to possession, cultivation and transporting of marijuana.

The cannabis patient also needs an ID card under the same state plan. In the state of California, the law does not require the marijuana caregiver to fill out any special documents for claiming the status of primary caregiver.


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Check with your county or city codes or ordinances to make sure that there are no strict requirements. For instance, in the county of San Mateo, the marijuana caregiver must maintain a register to show how many patients that are being tended to. This should be available in case information is requested by the Sheriff.

The Fundamentals

The marijuana caregiver in the state of California will have to main the fundamental documents that ensure legal compliance. These may include ledgers, authorizations ad collective agreements. There are certain requirements to become eligible as a primary caregiver. These would include:

  • The medical cannabis patient being cared for has to be approved by a licensed doctor to use marijuana
  • The primary caregiver has to meet the required definition as made legal under the cannabis laws

The Medical Condition

In the state of California, only residents legally and medically approved can use marijuana. You have to be seriously ill or have a medical condition that is serious to be able to use marijuana medically. There are certain illnesses that are considered eligible such as:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anorexia
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Migraine

If you have been designated as the marijuana caregiver for a medial cannabis patient, then you are qualified under the marijuana law in the state of California.

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As a caregiver, you can administer marijuana to the patient. You can buy marijuana for the patient and you can transport it from the marijuana dispensary to the patient without getting in trouble legally. You can possess up to eight ounces of marijuana, but it has to be dried. Also, you can cultivate six mature plants or twelve immature plants in the state of California.

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