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Being High vs. Being Stoned: Measuring Marijuana Consumption. Man smelling a marijuana plant.

Being High vs. Being Stoned: Measuring Cannabis Consumption

As it relates to cannabis consumption, being stoned or being high could feel like you are going through two different things. These are different experiences in their own way and you can choose either of them and still get a lot out of the experience. There are several things that separate someone from being stoned and being high after cannabis consumption.

The Current Situation

These days, cannabis has become widely accepted by many people and it also is widely used, but there are still questions surrounding the type of effects it has on the body. If you don't already know this, cannabis consumption has a psychoactive effect to the user that is consuming a strain with high level of THC. It will give the user an intoxicating feeling after being ingested. The words ‘stoned' and ‘high' are interchangeable and describe the result of consuming THC rich cannabis. Let us examine the distinctions between them to avoid arguing or debating about it.

The Various Cannabis Strains

There are different types of cannabis strains that users have to choose from to get their buzz or to get high. Every strain carries a different effect or reaction from the user. Each cannabis strain has its own smell, effect, quality, appearance and flavor. It is the same way that coffee beans and wine are different. For example, red wine and white wine are both from the same category, but they have differences. In terms of cannabis, there are two dominant strains; namely indica and sativa. The indicas strain is widely used as treatment for muscle tension, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, chronic pain and restlessness. If you are seeking an uplifting effect, then you should consider the sativa strain, which will make you energetic and often giggly. In other words, indicas should be consumed when you want to stay in and sativas should be consumed when you want to go out. In addition to both, you could consider a hybrid strain that balances both.

The Buzz Effect

If you want to feel buzzed after cannabis consumption. The initial buzz might last for a few minutes prior to feeling that high. However, it is largely dependent on the THC potency and the type of strain that was consumed. The buzz is the first kick that you feel after you pull and inhale your cannabis joint. In other words, it leads up to the high where you might start to feel the giggles coming on and the euphoric feeling.

The High Effect

Being high is the next level that the user will reach after the buzz. It is the typical uptick in emotional uplifting and physical energy. This is the kind of feeling you will experience once you finish that joint. The level of high will depend on the method of cannabis consumption, smoking experience and the potency of the strain. With a high-grade strain, you will maintain a high for as long as four hours.

The Stoned Effect

Being high makes you feel like you are up and running. In comparison, being stoned makes you have a heavy feeling where you are drowsy and kind of ‘doped up.' When you are in a state of being high, it brings energy and excitement. When you are stoned, you feel heightened intoxication where you are lethargic and have a deep sense of relaxation. In many cases, when you are stoned, you feel very hungry.

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Final Summary

When you use various method of cannabis consumption, you will have varying effects too – of being stoned or being high. These methods might include consumption of edibles and vaporizing.

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