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There's never been a better time to Enroll in a Cannabis Certification Program in California!. California passed its marijuana laws in 1996 called Proposition 215. This made the state a first in allowing medical marijuana use. Since this time, there are 22 additional states that have approved the same laws. If you enrolled in the cannabis certification program, you would be taught the various aspects of the California laws, some of which are highlighted below: As of January 1, 2018:

  • Permitting businesses for profit to get a medical marijuana license to operate in the state
  • Establishment of regulations
  • Preventing the prohibition of vertical integration
  • Set up of various types of medical marijuana licenses
  • Permitting counties and cities to prohibit medical marijuana business operation within the county or city limits
  • Set up marijuana delivery requirements
  • Fingerprint submission mandate to anyone trying to obtain a license
  • Marijuana business location must be at least 600 feet from an educational institution

The Cannabis Training University is equipped with knowledgeable instructors to teach you all the laws governing the medical marijuana industry. The state of California passed its recreational cannabis laws in the last presidential election in November 2016 and that means more laws are to be learned such as possessing, using and transporting marijuana.

Enrolling in the Cannabis Training Program

When you enroll in the cannabis certification program in California, these are just some of the things that you will learn. Whether, you are going to be a budtender or bud trimmer, there are certain things that you should know in order to be successful. You will learn about:

  • The right dosage for edibles
  • How to grow marijuana outdoors and indoors
  • How to deal with the cannabis patient that must receive a certain strain for a specific illness
  • Marijuana cultivation
  • How to make cannabis products
  • How to cure pot
  • Legal marijuana possession
  • How to greet the new medical cannabis patient
  • What the law expects from a marijuana dispensary
  • The potency of the marijuana plant in terms of THC
  • How endocannabinoids use CBDs in the body to alleviate illnesses
  • The primary cannabinoids in the marijuana plant and the activities and benefits of each
  • The importance of security in the cannabis industry

Upon obtaining cannabis certification, you can then apply for a job from the job board of different cannabis training universities online. Make sure you have details of the certification on your resume.

The Final Cannabis Exam

Once you complete the medical cannabis certification course, you will have to complete a final exam, of which you must pass with a grade of 80% or more. If you end up failing on the first attempt, you will be given other chances to finish and pass the finals. If you are having problems with any of the information that you had gone through, then you can go back and go over them in your own time. When you have finally passed the cannabis exam, you will receive an actual cannabis training certificate, which you can print from your computer or laptop or you can have one mailed to you.


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The Updated Cannabis Laws

The marijuana laws are constantly being updated. For this reason, even after you pass the final exams, you have to stay abreast of these laws and you can do so through the same cannabis certification program. You can just log in and enter the portal, going directly to the course that deals with marijuana laws. In fact, the Cannabis Training University keeps their portal open to students for up to one year and encourages students to return whenever they need a refresher course. Visit the Cannabis Training University to learn more.

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California Cannabis Training Program

Sign up today for the California cannabis job training program. Anyone 18 and over can enroll and learn from anywhere in the world. Learn all the latest California cannabis laws, as well as all marijuana laws for each US state, Canada, and many other countries around the world. Start a mmj job or 420 career with cannabis training from the industry-leading online marijuana university.