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The U.S. Post Office is one of the oldest institutions in the United States. In fact, it turned 241 years old on July 26 2016. You will obviously be able to identify the Post Office employees by their eagle truck logo and navy blue shorts. The U.S. Post Office have been delivering letters and packages for almost two and half centuries. However, this organization has a lot about it that people don't really know about.

First, you should know the risks associated with shipping or mailing cannabis using the U.S. Postal system. It is not surprising that postal inspectors are the ones that continue to wage the war on illegal substances. Their responsibility is to recognize and take legal action against individuals who try to mail huge packages with drugs and/or marijuana products. These inspectors are also put in this position to intercept packages that contain drugs.

How many of these mailed packages among the billions that are being mailed each day would contain marijuana? And if you wanted to consider cannabis distribution by mail would the risk be worth it?

The Illegal Market

The Dark Net markets and the Internet has made it possible for actual drug dealers to hide behind their drug trafficking and use the Postal Service to their advantage. This has made it quite difficult and challenging for marijuana dispensaries to use the Post Office as their main means of delivering cannabis to those who need it.

Eric Holder, the former Attorney General of the Obama's administration did acknowledge that this problem was and may still be an epidemic. Pieces of mail are used to facilitate drug trafficking. You would be shocked to see how much drugs are transported through the mail system.

The Commitment

According to the U.S. Postal Service, there is an ongoing commitment to eradicate illegal drugs. This is to prevent hard drugs from being pumped into so many communities across the country. The Postal Office, in hope of ensuring safe communities have their own guidelines for cannabis distribution through the mail.

According to the USPS, they have to follow the rules of the federal government, treating marijuana as a dangerous substance and therefore, it is not something that you should mail as it relates to cannabis distribution.

The Sanctity Maintained

Even though, marijuana is legalized in several states, the U.S. mail may be the one place that instills and maintains the sanctity of the federal laws. In other words, the Post Office has to enforce federal laws against cannabis distribution whether it is coming from or going to a state that has legalized marijuana.

The Postal Inspector

Bet you did not know that postal inspectors were actually federal agents and that is why they have to maintain and protect the sanctity of the federal laws. If you are a marijuana grower, you cannot overstep that boundary since cannabis distribution is not allowed.

All postal inspectors have a mandate to safeguard the U.S. mail and this includes the employees that move the mail and the customers that receive the mail. Usually, there are a thousand suspects that the postal inspectors arrest on an annual basis for laundering drug money and trafficking drugs using the U.S. mail. Some postal inspectors have the jurisdiction by federal law to seize goods that were purchased using drug money.

The Indication

With the legalization of marijuana, some marijuana users have taken to using the U.S. mail for cannabis distribution, even though, it is a risk and may be against the law. In 2012, for example, postal inspections discovered approximately 42,000 pounds of packaged marijuana in roughly over 7,000 parcels. As indicated by the postal inspectors, marijuana is commonly the most intercepted in the mail. In fact, there has been more seizures by postal inspectors in this case than in any other case.

It is safe to say, then, that you should refrain from mailing marijuana. Cannabis distribution is prohibited by federal law.

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