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Since 2019 began, it is important to note that time has come to deal with the marijuana expectations that we have had since more states have legalized weed in the latter part of 2018 and what has been going on for years since the state of California, Colorado and Washington keeps profiting and experiencing growth. However, many experts think that 2019 will be the pivotal year for marijuana expectations. Everyone wants to see progress and with the legalization of marijuana in more states, it is obvious that there will be positive changes. It is time for the cannabis industry to be able to access banking and financial services. This is one of the marijuana expectations that many are hoping for.

Legislative Measures

Likely, there will be multiple states in the United States that some think are looking at legislative measures to pass as it relates to marijuana. This could include medical and recreational marijuana. The same is true in a global sense because many other countries are jumping onboard in legalizing weed. 2018, though, was the year that the cannabis industry received a lot of attention. The marijuana expectations are that 2019 will see even more attention. However, in 2018, Canada legalized both medical and recreational marijuana nationwide. Even though, several states in the United States were added to the other approved states, there is a lot more to be done if we want to be like the Canadians.

The Tremendous Rise

Marijuana expectations for 2019. 2019 sign with marijuana leaf.

In 2018, cannabis companies experienced a tremendous rise in their stocks. Of course, there were some companies that had disastrous falls, but for the most part, the results were good. Every day, the marijuana industry changed. There were mergers and acquisitions being worked out while entrepreneurs launched new companies. 2018 showed a lot of movement and excitement among cannabis investors. The financial world seems to be waiting and watching to see the activities that 2019 will bring. Will the momentum continue? Or will it get more dramatic than 2018? Could there be more challenges or will the marijuana industry have barriers to contend with?

The Canadian Dilemma

Although, Canada has legalized weed, the country still has some challenges. Their main challenge is that there might not be enough weed to meet the demand. Canada does not have the climate to grow weed outdoors. Some companies like Canopy Growth are collaborating with Columbia to get weed into the country in larger amounts. Investors have not yet determined who the legalization of recreational marijuana will affect the crop. Needless to say, marijuana expectations are at an all time high since there are different ways to go around it. There are eager investors who have gone outside of the country to places like Jamaica and Columbia to see if they can collaborate and get more weed into the country.

Growth and Development

Companies have to start looking at methods and strategies to use, if they want to see better stock growth and more investors who want to indulge. One of the marijuana expectations is to see which company performs the best in the stock market. That is when the best will separate from the worst. The valuation of a company might shift as a result. The acceptance of CBD has changed the dynamics in the cannabis industry and marijuana expectations show that CBD will even more prominent in 2019 and in years to come, especially since the Farm Bill of 2018 was passed and industrial hemp cultivation will be part of the mix. Federal restrictions are expected to relax on CBD production, use and sales as a result of this Farm Bill.

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