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Marijuana in Uruguay. Uruguay flag.

Cannabis in Uruguay

Uruguay famously legalized cannabis for personal production and consumption in 2012, but Uruguay has always had liberal drug policies.

In 2012, President Mujica proposed legalizing cannabis, and by 2013 the law was passed in the House and Senate.

On December 23, 2013, the President signed the bill, making Uruguay the first, and only, country in the world to fully legalize cannabis on a national level. Unfortunately, the law was put on hold in July 2014, and it was not until 2017 the Government opened sixteen pharmacies to sell cannabis.

Cannabis Legalization in Uruguay

Except for homegrows and cannabis clubs, the production, processing and retailing of cannabis is controlled by the government from seed to sale. Only those registered can access the two cannabis products available at pharmacies. It is not clear the difference between the two products, Alpha 1 and Beta 1.

There are 5000 citizens on the cannabis registry. Each person registered is only allowed 10 grams per week, or forty grams a month, but can grow at home or join a cannabis club, but not both.

The clubs are allowed to have ninety nine plants and up to forty five members. The clubs charge fees and then distribute up to forty grams of cannabis per month to each member. Members can only join one club at a time, and only citizens are permitted to join.

There is no cannabis related advertising or marketing allowed in Uruguay.

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Note On Cannabis Clubs

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