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Colorado has cannabis laws that allow adult residents to use recreational cannabis. However, you have to be 21 years or older. Then, you can possess at least an ounce of marijuana legally. The amendment actually allows users to possess an ounce in THC, which is good news since you will be able to enjoy more concentrated levels of cannabis, in addition to the flower or bud and of course, edibles. Colorado also sells cannabis seeds.

Residents and Non-residents in Colorado Cannabis Laws

Additionally, you don’t have to be a resident of the state of Colorado to possess marijuana. You can also be a visitor since you don’t have to register into any system. Once you are the age of 21 or older, your constitutional rights protect you and you can possess and also consume cannabis in the state of Colorado.

These cannabis laws are that simple. However, you have to get a valid government ID to show that you are indeed 21 years of age or older. This could be in the form of a passport or driver’s license, whether out of state or not.

Limited Purchasing in Colorado Dispensaries 

In the past, if you were visiting Colorado, you would be limited to buying only seven grams of marijuana or less, but those living in Colorado were allowed to buy up to twenty eight grams. Since June of 2016, this law has undergone some changes.

Now residents and visitors can buy the same amount of weed in one transaction. There are several grey areas to this law. The cannabis laws forces recreational dispensaries to take ‘one transaction’ literally and only sell you weed once per day and no more.

Mixing and Matching Cannabis Products 

Now, you are able to buy concentrates, edibles and buds in just one transaction. That means you can mix and match as long as it reaches only twenty eight grams. For instance, you could buy one gram of edibles, ten grams of concentrates and seventeen grams of bud. This totals twenty eight grams according to the cannabis laws.


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New Cannabis Laws

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The cannabis laws in Colorado went through another change in October 2016. Studies were done by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) where it was determined that cannabis in flower form is the same as the equivalent of THC concentrates and edibles.

The argument was that since concentrates, for example is higher in THC levels, users could not be allowed to buy a similar amount of concentrates as they do the flower or bud. MED has issued a guideline to help users to understand the new marijuana laws. Here are some of the new recreational cannabis rules (there are no changes to medical marijuana):

  • An ounce of flower would be equal to eight grams of concentrate such as wax and shatter
  • An ounce of flower would be equal to eight hundred milligrams of edibles

Don’t Be Confused

You still have the opportunity to mix and match your buy. Don’t let it confuse you. For instance, if you were to purchase two grams of concentrate, you could only buy three quarter ounce of flower. Does that make sense? Budtenders are going to experience some challenge in selling these combined products to make sure that they are following the law. Bear in mind, though, that the new legal restrictions are only directed to retail sales only and not marijuana possession.

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Dispensary Hours in Colorado 

The cannabis laws allow dispensaries to stay open from 8 AM to midnight. A Denver dispensary, though, has to close at 7 PM and no later. Therefore, the law allows each city to implement its own restrictions.

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