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Comparing Canada and California Marijuana Legalization. Both the state of California and Canada has stark comparisons as it relates to marijuana legalization. It was on October 17 2018 that Canada fully legalized weed by adding recreational use to its market. This move has been on the back burner since 2015. With such an historic event, Canada has become the largest country globally to have fully legalized weed.

However, the state of California is the largest in the North American region. It holds a different distinction than Canada does. The state of California has gone fully green ten months before Canada did. The size of the population is similar, but edibles are not allowed in Canada as it is in the state of California and so that is where the similarities end. Let us take a look at the comparison between the cannabis market in the state of California and Canada.

The Size of the Population

Canada has an estimated population of thirty nine million and it is constantly growing. The state of California has a population size of forty million in estimate and might fall a little slightly according to statistics. Exact size in population is not easy to pin down even if it is tabulated in census years. However, these numbers are pretty close with the state of California having the edge.

The land mass in Canada is greater than the state of California. In fact, Canada is 3.885 million miles in land mass. The state of California is just over 163000 miles in land mass, which is the third largest behind Texas and Alaska. And so, the state of California is unable to compete with this figure. Canada definitely wins in this case.

Domestic Products

When it comes to growing marijuana, the state of California is one of the best, especially in Humboldt County. The climate is conducive to marijuana growth in comparison to provinces such as British Columbia in Canada. In terms of the potential of making domestic products, the state of California has the edge over Canada. In U.S. dollars, Canada made $1.53 billion in 2016 for its domestic cannabis products. In 2017, the state of California sold $2.44 trillion in U.S. dollars.

Growing Weed

As a result of marijuana legalization, the state of California has the advantage of being the most popular region to grow weed. In Humboldt County, growers find it easy to grow and harvest marijuana crops because of the good soil and the amazing climate. The area is rich in sunshine and water. The hydroelectric power is also cheaper. In fact, Humboldt County has been producing cannabis crops for Canada for many years. Some of the marijuana crops sold in Canada are produced in British Columbia. With both countries working together to produce good yields, they are both destined for greatness; playing a huge role in improving the cannabis industry.


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The Best Cannabis Strains

The best strain in the state of California is Blue Dream and in Canada, it is God Bud, Island Sweet Skunk and Chemo; just to name a few. By default, the state of California has the advantage because Blue Dream is known as one of the best strains in the world. Growers in Canada have largely maintained privacy and secrecy when it comes to their marijuana strains, but none of theirs have had such global presence and fame as the Blue Dream strain has.

Medical Marijuana

The state of California has the advantage over Canada because of the significance that was placed on the medical marijuana legalization at such an early time when weed was being discriminated against by society.

California has been producing medical marijuana since 1996 and Canada only jumped on board in 2001. If you want to learn more about marijuana legalization and how countries compare, visit the Cannabis Training University.

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