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There are some crucial marijuana compliance mistakes that you should not make. In fact, you should avoid these at all costs. But, how can you avoid something that you don't know about? So, the first thing to do is to know what these marijuana compliance mistakes are and then stay clear of them. If you make just one bd move, it can get really ugly.

Marijuana dispensaries are at risk because if they commit any type of violation as it relates to compliance, it could blow up in their face and opponents won't let them get over it. Moreover, they would receive hefty fines and possibly even have their business shut down.

If you are a marijuana dispensary owner, compliance should definitely be on your mind and you should ensure that the same is true for your staff. We have come across some classic examples of issues with marijuana compliance where it has costs dispensary owners their businesses. Below, you will find such examples.

ID Verification

Marijuana compliance mistakes that dispensaries tend to make include not verifying someone's ID to find out if they are legal age or they have the right medical status necessary to buy weed. Legal regulations dictate that someone has to be of a certain age and must have a medical marijuana card and meet certain qualifying conditions to be able to buy weed from a dispensary.

Each state has their specific ID verification requirements. Regulators often check to make sure that dispensaries are following these marijuana compliance mandates so as they are not dealing with underage kids in any way, shape or form. If someone complains about this, the regulators will list the culprits on different online sites and in the mainstream media outlets. That is not good for business. And more importantly, the regulators might suggest shutting the business down. Train staff to always ask for someone's ID.

Mandatory Security Requirements

The regulations that dispensaries have to abide by are sometimes very cumbersome, detailed and challenging, but they are a necessity and usually mandatory. There are many layers ot them; from the local and state level. And, some of these mandates are subject to change, and so dispensary owners have to keep up to date with them. Some laws require that dispensary owners store and transport weed properly.

There has to be a specific level of security in the form of video cameras and security officers. When you start reviewing the necessary measures, be sure to go through them carefully.

Avoid Looping

Looping is one of the marijuana compliance mistakes you should avoid. What is looping? It is when the customer buys weed from a dispensary and even, though it is the maximum allowed amount, the person goes back on the same day to buy more weed. If the dispensary owner or staff allows the purchase, this is a legal violation.

You can receive a jail sentence if you violate this marijuana compliance provision. And so, it is important to prevent looping, which means that you have to vigilant in keeping good records.

Policies for the Prohibition of Certain Promotions

Marijuana dispensaries receive different treatment for their promotional endeavors than other businesses do. Some think that this is not fair, but that is just how it works. There are certain policies involved in promoting your marijuana business as other companies do since the federal government has not yet embraced the idea of legal marijuana. Every state's law as it relates to promotion is different so check with your state.

Privacy Violations

Data breaches are normal, but not frequent. However, these are not so common in the marijuana industry, but they still might happen. These are marijuana compliance mistakes that you should avoid completely. In the state of Oregon, dispensary owners can only keep someone's personal details for a specific amount of time and then have to destroy it.

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Location Violation

Every state has mandates when it comes to where your marijuana business is located. It has to be a certain distance from a school or church. If you make any mistake with this marijuana compliance, your business will not see the light of day. Learn more about crucial marijuana compliance mistakes to avoid by visiting the Cannabis Training University, the leading cannabis courses online.

Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
Fred Hernandez

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