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If must be nice to vacation in Hawaii as many Americans and people all over the world must have discovered. As one of the marijuana visitors on the island, you will get access to their newly developed program.

The Department of Health in Hawaii announced their online sign up process that allows marijuana users to obtain medical cannabis in Hawaii when they are vacationing there. If you happen to be a medical cannabis patient, you would qualify as one of th e marijuana visitors to fill a prescription with your card.

If you did not travel with your card, Hawaii does offer visitors a temporary option where you can go online, complete an application and get approved for up to sixty days before you take your trip. The online fee for the temporary medical cannabis card is only $49.50.

The Arrival

When you get to Hawaii as one of the marijuana visitors, then you will be allowed to use your registration card that you applied for online. The state of Hawaii calls this card “329V Card.” With the card, you will be able to purchase weed from a licensed retailer for sixty consecutive days while you are in Hawaii.

Right now, medical cannabis patients from the District of Columbia, four territories in the U.S. and the other legal states in the United States are allowed to apply for this card online. All patients will be able to submit an online application for their temporary medical marijuana card at least twice each year.

The High Limit

It is interesting to note that you will have limits to what you can purchase in a dispensary as one of the marijuana visitors. You can buy 113 grams of four ounces of weed every fifteen days. This limit is higher than what other states allow. This new initiative is supported by the Educational Association for Therapeutic Healthcare in Hawaii.

In fact, according to the Executive Director, this is one of the marijuana visitors in the United States that has allowed Hawaii to reach a significant milestone; providing visiting patients who are qualified access to buy their weed at the local marijuana dispensaries. Patients can now enjoy their vacation and not have to be concerned about legally obtaining medical marijuana in Hawaii as long as they are approved.

Tourist Revenue

A representative of the National Cannabis Industry Association has indicated that the marijuana visitors program was necessary so that out-of-state patients could make Hawaii a vacation destination; adding tourist revenue to the state.

It also benefits the patient because of the convenience that it provides and they can continue to receive their marijuana while traveling. The lack of access might prevent people from book their travel to a destination. Now that Hawaii offers the marijuana visitors program, this would be an ideal vacation spot for medical cannabis patients.

Economically, it is also of great benefit to the local marijuana dispensaries that also rely on tourist revenue. Now, Hawaii is able to provide a means for patients to get their marijuana stash. So everyone wins.

Final Word

In other words, medical cannabis patients should not have to give up their marijuana just because they have to travel out of state. The decision to provide patients with this is certainly a good move and one that is common sense.

It is hopeful that other states will expand their existing program to include a similar marijuana visitors program like Hawaii has. States should also go a step further to add new qualifying medical conditions to their programs or allow patients new ways to consume weed. In Hawaii, the visiting patient must have a medical registration card from the state to which they are leaving from and a government ID as well. The patient must have one of the recognized qualifying conditions allowed by the state of Hawaii.

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These are the things necessary to receive the temporary medical cannabis card in Hawaii.

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