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Home Grown Marijuana Bill Passed In New Hampshire. Joint and marijuana buds

Home Grown Cannabis Bill Passed In New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, lawmakers have pushed for accessibility and freedom as it relates to medical marijuana. In the most recent years, the subject of marijuana legalization has become more and more important in New Hampshire. One of the reasons for this increasing sense of urgency is the fact that many of the states in close proximity to New Hampshire have already legalized weed or thinking about it. In the most recent months, New Hampshire has been seriously thinking about passing the marijuana bill for homegrown weed.

The Legal Adult

At the end of February 2019, New Hampshire passed the marijuana bill for adults to have the ability to purchase an ounce of weed for recreational purposes. It will be made legal for adult citizens to grow a specific number of marijuana plants. However, this marijuana bill did not have anything so as to create a regulatory system targeting the retail cannabis market. This marijuana bill means that adults can consume and possess weed. However, there is no framework yet as it relates to businesses selling pot in New Hampshire.

The Access

The House of Representative in the state of New Hampshire passed the marijuana bill to help medical cannabis patients to have access to cannabis by growing it conveniently in their homes. There are more than seven thousand medical cannabis patients who are registered. However, these patients have to go to one of the four marijuana dispensaries in New Hampshire to get their medicine. The marijuana bill is labeled “House Bill 364.” Both caregivers and patients are allowed to cultivate up to three immature marijuana plants, three mature marijuana plants and twelve seeds. It was in 2013 that New Hampshire legalized medical marijuana and now they are able to have access to recreational marijuana via home growth. The marijuana bill goes to the senate to be considered for full approval. Many advocates believe that patients should be given the right to have full access to their medicine, if they choose the alternative option to be treated.

Staking a Claim

There have been previous attempts at passing a similar marijuana bill, but it did not go very far. It did pass in the House of Representative, but died when it got to the Senate. Many are hoping that this time, it will be different. One House Representative indicated that after he got a cancer diagnosis in 1999, it was marijuana that helped him to manage his side effects once he received chemotherapy treatment. According to the House Representative, the Zofran prescription that he got from the doctor did not work, but a thirty dollar bag of weed did. So, this House Representative of New Hampshire has staked a claim into the marijuana bill being passed. One medical marijuana patient in New Hampshire uses wed to treat her PTSD and chronic pain and she indicate that she now spends $400 or more per month at the local dispensary. When the marijuana bill is passed, she can then grow her own weed and it will only cost her $150 per month. That is a huge monthly savings for medical cannabis patients who rely on marijuana for treatment.

Final Thoughts

House Bill 481 was passed as a measure that legalized recreational use of marijuana and the establishment of a regulatory framework so weed can be commercially produced and recreational weed could be sold. The bill would permit New Hampshire adults to possess up to an ounce of weed. However, for medical marijuana patients, the homegrown marijuana bill passage is something to embrace. Most residents of New Hampshire believe that it is time to lift prohibition measures against marijuana. Learn more about marijuana bill passage in other states by visiting the Cannabis Training University.

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