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As the year 2018 began, the state of California embraced the idea of recreational marijuana use. The marketplace was flooded as long lines and celebratory environment were reported in almost every part of the state. For the first time, recreational marijuana became legal in the state of California and the huge welcome exceeded the expectation of many people living in the state and visiting the state. This was a milestone for Californians as the marijuana sector evolved. In the early months of 2018, though, licensing issues caused some marijuana dispensaries not able to participate, especially in the city of Los Angeles. However, for the most part, this was a phenomenon that California will not forget.

The City Officials

In the city of Los Angeles, officials made an announcement in the latter part of December 2017 that licensing applications would be accepted n January 3, 2018. For this reason, the officials were expecting a week's delay so that businesses in the city could be appropriately authorized. Cat Packer who is the manager of the Department of Cannabis Regulation in the city of Los Angeles indicated at that time that the process was being started and nothing will take place overnight. However, this did not turn out to be true as was shown in the enthusiasm shown for recreational marijuana.

Prior Licensing

There are a small number of locations in West Hollywood, California that had already obtained licensing even before recreational marijuana was made legal in the state. In the meantime, cities like Sacramento, Oakland and San Jose were opened to offer a larger scale of recreational marijuana on January 1, 2018. The same thing took place in smaller cities within the state of California.

The First Day

On the first day of January 2018, the 4/20 wave exceeded expectation because many marijuana dispensaries were amazed at how well it was received by cannabis consumers who came to pay homage for themselves, but also in support of the fact that recreational marijuana was now made legal. This is not what the marijuana dispensary business owners had expected. In fact, their expectation was more modest.

The Crowd

In the city of San Jose, most marijuana dispensaries opened up at 9AM, only to find long lines spiraling down its suburban and industrial streets. It was evident that the crowd had waited in anticipation and was now ready to experience the taste of legal recreational marijuana. It got so overwhelming that some marijuana dispensary business owners had to organize food trucks, DJs, free merchandise and acupuncture on that opening first day. Cannabis consumers were very eater to make their first purchase for recreational cannabis.

The Projection

Most dispensary owners did not accurately project the number of people who would show up and so, even though, they could have done better with sales, it did not go that way. However, the future looks very bright for recreational marijuana sales in the state of California. By 3PM on New Year's Day, lines were longer than expected and for that reason; inventory was sold out before many cannabis consumers could be served.

Inside the Dispensary

As people were able to get inside the marijuana dispensaries, the staff was in frenzy. Waiting rooms for medical cannabis patients overflowed onto the sales floor and budtenders were overwhelmed. It is apparent that the introduction of legal recreational marijuana allowed related businesses to make a lot more money than was anticipated.

Final Thoughts

Even though, half of the business owners of marijuana dispensaries in the state of California were not prepared by the onslaught of cannabis consumers in long lines, it is safe to say most customers were served as best as possible.

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