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Even though cannabis legalization is spreading across the nation, the remnants of the failed War on Drugs are also noticeable in the United States. While it is still thought to have been a waste of resource by the U.S. government, there are many law enforcement agencies and states that still attempt upholding the illegal federal status of marijuana.

Many cannabis advocates believe that this is a outburst of oppression against marijuana companies and consumers and it might have negatively affected so many people including family members and friends across the United States because so many of them have been incarcerated for small possessions of weed.

Because weed is now legal in some states within the United States, there are some marijuana companies that are trying to put their best foot forward in making a difference to finally end the criminalization of weed.

The End Might Be Near

How Marijuana Companies Are Helping With Decriminalization

It is not easy to predict if the United States has embraced the fact that weed should be decriminalized in a case where someone is getting a number of years for a small amount of marijuana possession.

However, in Canada, residents are pleased that the country has fully legalized weed; both recreationally and medically on October 17, 2018. Many are wondering if the United States will follow suit, but that is yet to be determined.

The Trump Administration so far seems to be in constant back and forth when it comes to marijuana reform; leaving so many residents in the dark of what will happen. In spite of the level of ambiguity, cannabis legalization in the United States could benefit residents in an immense way, if only there weren't blockage between the state legislatures and the federal government.

Legal Weed

With marijuana companies being added as fast as others can make the profit from the industry, it appears that there is a definite effect on the black market. Marijuana sales on the black market is getting far and in between. Marijuana companies are legally making weed available and more accessible to medical cannabis patients with illnesses. For this reason, cannabis should be decriminalized; once and for all. This should be one of the motivating factors to reverse cannabis convictions, especially for people who have had criminal charges for marijuana possession that would be highly acceptable today on the legal market.

The Measures

Measures have already been passed in specific cities within the states of Vermont, California and Washington to clear convicted and nonviolent felonies as it relates to cannabis possession. More states are trying to do the same thing.

The state of Oregon is one of them. The state is currently pursuing the granting of automatically expunging such charges for people who have had past marijuana offenses. This is to be addressed in the state's upcoming legislative session for this year.

There is definitely a growing trend to encourage decriminalization, but not all states are yet embracing the measure. However, the states that are taking this measure seriously will make a significant impact in the lives of many families.

The Turning Tide

The tide is definitely changing because even law enforcement has begun to realize how much resources are being wasted in the arrest of people with small amounts of marijuana in their possession. Marijuana companies are putting a negative spin on the War on Drugs and are doing things to encourage decriminalization once and for all.

Final Thoughts

The marijuana industry in collaboration with marijuana companies are making strides and stepping up the idea of decriminalization. Politicians are listening and making moves for new legislation to remedy this problem. Cannilog is one of the marijuana companies making its voice heard by inventing marijuana storage solutions for responsible marijuana use. There are other marijuana companies putting their two cents in.

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