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How Important Is It To Check Identification at a Cannabis Dispensary?

When consumers purchase weed from a cannabis dispensary, it gives them pause and concerns sometimes because they are walking into an establishment with cameras everywhere and then they have to show valid identification. Some people are leery about this because of the federal government's stance on weed, even when it is legal. So, there is always a fear among some consumers. That is a fact. Let's take a look at the identification factor.

The Identification Factor

Usually, when someone walks into a cannabis dispensary, you will be asked to show a valid government ID to ensure that you are allowed to make a purchase. It is the same way that you would find a bartender ask you for a driver's license to show that you are the right age to purchase alcohol. This is no different and neither is it unusual. You won't be able to purchase any of these cannabis products, if you don't have a valid ID. In many cases, you also have to be in possession of a medical marijuana card as well. In some marijuana dispensaries, they have scanners to check to ensure that your ID is valid. Some people get nervous that their picture will go on a list where the feds will get a hold of it, but there is nothing like that to worry about.

One thing to bear in mind is not all cannabis dispensaries scan IDs. In some states, it is not required. However, cities within the legal cannabis states might have their own rules and for extra precaution, the dispensary owners might want to do this. Even if it is inconvenient to you to show your ID, it is important.

The Cannabis Compliance

Maintaining compliance is important for any cannabis dispensary to stay within the realms of the law. No dispensary is going to take a risk with lack of compliance. And so, confirming your identity through a valid ID is one of the steps to ensuring compliance. An identification card confirms your age and gives you permission to buy weed at the legal age. There are times when regulators will perform checks on a cannabis dispensary to make sure that compliance is being maintained. These checks are unplanned and sporadic. If the cannabis dispensary is in any type of violation, there could be dire consequences.

The Cannabis Industry

As it is right now, the feds have the industry under a microscope and so compliance is extra significant. So many opponents of marijuana are looking for episodes of violations to amplify the fact that weed should be illegal and so dispensary owners have to be extra careful.


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Each staff member should be well trained to follow the rules and guidelines and to make sure that every transaction is legitimate. ID checks should not be a burden to the staff. It should be a requirement. The staff has to be proactive as it relates to ID checks. However, customers also need to understand the industry and know the rules so that they are ready with their IDs in hand without the staff having to ask.

The Reminder

Each cannabis dispensary should have a noticeable sign at the door and at strategic places inside the building to remind customers of the importance of the identification card. Don't take it for granted that every customer is going to have their ID cards ready to be checked.

People are fickle and sometimes, they might have other things on their mind too and so, there should always be constant reminders.

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