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Do you want to own a cannabis business in Michigan? Have you ever wondered if you would succeed in the cannabis industry? Are you ready to reap some of the profits? Well, you can since Michigan is now part of the cannabis legalization programs across the United States. Yes, since the November midterm election, the voters in Michigan embraced the idea of legalizing cannabis so that people like you can become entrepreneurs and providing medical cannabis to the residents of the state so they don't have to go elsewhere to get those alternative medical needs met.

Not the Norm

A cannabis business is not like the norm because there are special things that you have to do and special licensing that you must obtain. Every state has its own license application process. And so, you have to find out all that is necessary to meet the state requirement. Usually, the license process might take up to three months, depending on how long it takes you to submit the required documents. While you wait for your license, it is best to start looking for the ideal location. Part of the law in every state indicates that you cannot open a cannabis business in close proximity to certain institutions such as churches and schools.

The Changing Laws

Next, you have to become aware of the cannabis laws that govern your state. The laws are important. While your cannabis business is still going to be illegal in the eyes of the federal government, the state has certain rules and guidelines that you have to maintain. And these cannabis laws are ever changing. Therefore, you have to always stay abreast of the changes. You might have to hire a business attorney as well; someone with knowledge of the cannabis industry.

The Requirements

In the state of Michigan, a cannabis business owner has to be 21 years of age or older. You have to be a resident as well with at least two years of residency. Therefore, you might not be able to apply for a cannabis business license until you complete your resident status. No applicant should have been convicted of drug distribution or drug use of any kind in the last ten years and if you are, the felony conviction charge has to have been discharged within the last five years prior to your cannabis license application. You cannot receive finance from a convicted criminal. If you owe any monies on child support, you also won't be considered for a license.

Restricted Professions

If you want to open a cannabis business in Michigan, you cannot have worked or working in a certain capacity or profession. You cannot work as a:

  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Local Police Officer
  • Prosecutor
  • Licensed medical professional
  • Staff of the State Licensing Authority

If you do work in any of these professions, it means that you are only allowed to serve the cannabis industry, but not as an entrepreneur.

Specific Documents

There are specific documents that you will need to open up your cannabis business. Many of the documents are listed on the State Licensing Authority website. Some of them include:

  • Disclosure of where you will receive funding
  • Court records
  • Tax licensing documents
  • Proof of licensed premises

Upon collecting all documents, then you should also include details of why you want to apply for a cannabis license, how many people will own the cannabis business, the name and address of the business, and your name and your phone number.

Ready To Get Started?

Be mindful that there is a license application fee prior to acquiring this cannabis license for your cannabis business. You won't be given the license until this fee is fully paid. Last, but not least, it is important to be ready to operate your business and so it is recommended that you receive the appropriate training prior to this. One of the recommendations is signing up for courses at the Cannabis Training University, which is an online program that you can do at your own pace and in your own timing.

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