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Australia is one of the countries that has joined the medical cannabis industry and many companies are getting involved.  The Hydroponics Company is one of the most current and since recently have shown an interest in the  stock trading aspect of the cannabis industry. Known as THC, the company  has capitalized on the medical cannabis legalization in Australia and is now taking advantage of the stock market. The Australians call it the ‘pot stock' explosion or boom. THC is located in Sydney and manufactures and distributes medical cannabis products. The company's financial goals is to raise up to $8 million to buy 20 cent shares. In normal circumstances, the public offering for such share is up to $40 million. THC is trying to expand its business and diversify its stock portfolio.

Other Companies

Auscann is another company in Australia that has embraced the medical cannabis industry, putting the company on the ASX stock markets for trading purposes. Other companies include Perth Company, Zelda Therapeutics, Creso Pharma, MGC Pharma and the International Cannabis Corp. Since the addition of more companies, it seems as if the floodgates are opening to the medical cannabis industry after marijuana became legally acceptable to produce, cultivate and manufacture as long as it is medical cannabis products.

The Leverage

When medical cannabis came on the Australian market, it was a signal to companies that they should join as there was going to be a potential for high profits in the medical cannabis industry. Many Australian companies are learning the benefits of medical cannabis. In the past, thousands of people who are chronically ill are usually dependent on pharmaceutical drugs. However, since the legalization of marijuana, Australians are trying to see how they can benefit from medical marijuana and companies are taking advantage of their role in being the providers.

The Effectiveness

Medical marijuana has proven to be effective for many people all over the world. It is said to be helpful in treating severe nausea, pain and vomiting as well as alleviating muscle spasms. It is also good for people with depression, epilepsy, cancer, MS and HIV. For those with a lack of appetite, cannabis could be the answer. According to a report from the University of Sydney, the medical cannabis market in Australia will spark a huge demand of products to meet the medical needs of the natives. What does this mean? It means that the medical cannabis industry is going to explode with a value in the hundreds of millions each year, if not more.

The Organizations

The medical cannabis industry in Australia has undergone strict regulations by the Office of Drug Control as well as the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Each territory and state has its own regulations and guidelines. Certain physicians are approved by these organizations in order to prescribe and provide recommendations to specific medical marijuana patients.


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The Expansion

The companies that have joined the medical cannabis industry have said that the money raised from the Public Stock Offering is meant to open up the market even more, especially in things like greenhouses, hydroponic equipment and plant nutrients. Companies are also funding the delivery and development of medical marijuana in Australia.

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The Bottom Line

The Hydroponics Company or THC is into breeding and growing marijuana sativa strains. The company has acquired the rights to breed marijuana plants in Australia. The company has more than 17 years experience in plant breeding. For that reason, THC has put in an application to research and grow marijuana in Australia so they can do more plant breeding. If you want to know more about the medical cannabis industry in Australia, visit the Cannabis Training University.

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