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Those in Colorado who are 21 years of age and older are permitted to transport and possess up to one ounce (28 grams) of cannabis within the state.

Even if another state has legalized cannabis, it is still unlawful to transfer cannabis over state lines.

How to Legally Transport Marijuana in Colorado

Following these recommendations will help you move cannabis lawfully inside Colorado.

Keep Marijuana in its Original Packaging

When you buy marijuana from a dispensary, it will be in a child-resistant container with labeling that identifies the product name, strain, potency, and other crucial details.

To ensure that you can show that the cannabis was purchased lawfully, it is crucial to retain it in this packaging while in transit.

Marijuana Open Container Law

Cannabis should be kept in the trunk or secured glove box because it is prohibited to use marijuana while operating a motor vehicle, and it is also against the law to have an open container of marijuana inside the passenger area.

Even if the car isn't moving, neither the driver nor any passengers are permitted to open any marijuana packaging and utilize the product.

If the marijuana product seal has been broken, some of the product has been ingested, and there is proof that it was used in the automobile, you may be punished with a traffic violation.

Avoid Moving Huge Quantities

While it is lawful to possess up to an ounce of cannabis, police enforcement may suspect you of illegally distributing or selling cannabis if you are seen traveling large amounts. Make several journeys or use a delivery service if you need to move more than one ounce.

Pay Attention to Local Laws and Ordinances

Counties and cities in Colorado have different rules for the transportation and possession of marijuana.

To make sure you are adhering to any local rules, make sure to do your homework on the legislation in the area where you will be traveling.

Even if two states bordering each other have legalized cannabis, it is still prohibited to carry cannabis across state lines. Leave your cannabis at home if you must cross state lines to stay out of legal issues.

Be Careful Where You Travel

All airports in Colorado, including Denver International Airport, prohibits the possession of marijuana.

Marijuana usage is not permitted on federal property, such as national parks and national forests, as it remains illegal under federal law. Ski runs are included in this.

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