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Marijuana legalization is having a profound and positive impact in many cities across the nation. For this reason, it sets the trend of having the same effect in the state of Florida when it is legalized there. However, there are specific areas within the state that will benefit more. Let’s take a closer look.

The Stigma of Cannabis

There has been a regrettable stigma, long held on the maturing flower of the marijuana plant. This plant has been cultivated and harvested around the world in an open format for centuries. It is only in the United States that marijuana is thought to be a ‘dangerous drug.’ It may be possible that the reason is that marijuana was once believed to be a ‘black market’ product for a long time.

Unlike heroin and cocaine, cannabis is far from being dangerous. It has been proven to provide lots of medical benefits to people with specific ailments. If legalized in the state of Florida, it could provide the same medical benefits. The more that people understand about its benefits, the more the stigma will be reduced for marijuana legalization. There are some distinctive benefits that Florida residents will stand to gain from legalizing marijuana. Let’s explore.

Ways Marijuana Legalization Can Change Florida

Medical Marijuana

With minimal research done, it has been concluded that medical cannabis could positively change the adverse effect of cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease and many other major ailments that force people to turn to prescribed drug for relief.

There has never been any death related to marijuana use, in contrast to the use of opioid-based medicine, which results in numerous deaths and addictions each year. More researchers are scrambling to discover the therapeutic possibilities of cannabis and for that reason; it is gaining traction each day.

Cancer Cells

Many scientific tests have been done in the past to show that cannabinoids can destroy cancel cells. The main component in cannabis is THC and the tests show that it works together with the cancer cell at the CB1 receptor. The cell, then releases Ceramide, a compound that breaks down the cancer cell’s mitochondria, resulting in a basic shut down of the cancer.

Increased Revenue and Improved Economy

If marijuana legalization were to occur in the state of Florida, it will contribute greatly to the economy as other states are experiencing. It will increase state revenue and create new job opportunities, something that Florida could be proud of.

Reduced Crime

If legalized, marijuana could cause violent crime to be reduced. Most legalized areas have already shown a dramatic reduction in crime, especially violent crimes. Several areas where marijuana legalization has occurred, it has been reported as experiencing a reduction in DUIs, and theft by as much as fifteen percent. Every indication shows that legalized cannabis have improved the quality of life for residents.

The Black Market

When marijuana is legalized in the state of Florida, it will greatly reduce black market sales. Cannabis prices will be driven so low because of the principles of fundamental supply and demand. For that reason, the drug dealers will have a problem competing with the legal market.

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Conclusion on How Marijuana Legalization Can Change Florida

Cannabis legalization in Florida is inevitable as it was in other states. There are too many benefits that cannot be denied. As a result, the legalization of marijuana has made its way on the 2016 ballot and many people will be voting for it. Learn more about the process of marijuana legalization in Florida and other states from the Cannabis Training University, the leading cannabis training college.

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