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Around the world, the prohibition of weed is eroding in an incremental manner. In many places, the change in marijuana regulations is obvious. The Antarctica is even being added to the fray of discovering its treaties and how this can affect their omission or inclusion. Another country that is an uncertain about its view on marijuana regulations is North Korea. This is a country that has always been suspicion in its label as an isolated place where you can expect either a crack down on marijuana or a growing cannabis market. Even with these ambiguous scenarios, there are marijuana regulations that have evolved and are emerging as you travel around the world. In fact, the places that are friendly towards cannabis might not be the kind of place that you want to visit on your next travel.

The Progress

Both Canada and the United states are showing progress as it relates to new marijuana regulations. In fact, this year July, Canada will be legalizing and putting the recreational use of weed into law. In Canada, each of the provinces will apparently have their very own laws. Marijuana regulations that affect age, personal use and online sales will definitely vary as it relates to location. In each Canadian province, there will be changes in the way the marijuana dispensaries arrange their displays and the way that customers will have access to products. The age for legal use of marijuana is going to be either 18 or 19 years old. However, in the United States, these same marijuana regulations put the age limit at 21 years old in most states.

Uruguay Regulations

In Uruguay, marijuana regulations began to show progress from 2013 and changes have been seen for recreational marijuana use. Four years after marijuana was legalized in Uruguay, citizens could purchase weed from certified pharmacies. In addition, residents are able to grow their own marijuana plants as long as it is for personal use only. And, they cannot do so until they register at the local post office, even as cannabis consumers have to do. Each resident is then allowed to possess as much as forty grams of weed per month.

Other Countries

Here are eight more countries that have done the same thing as it relates to marijuana regulations and the use of weed. Columbia is one of them. It is one of those countries that have seen fast changes to medical marijuana use allowance and decriminalization. When you travel to these and other countries, you have to pay attention to these marijuana regulations and laws. There are also changes to the cultivation laws and all of these laws are rapidly changing in South America and Central America. Marijuana laws of the past are being changed for the specific reason of curtailing the kind of violence that might stem from the illegal drug trade experienced by Uruguay in 2013.

African Continent

In Africa, there has been a progress of marijuana where residents can use or consume weed in their homes. Yes, weed is illegal to smoke in public. The media has carried stories, which may have prompted signs of reform. However, there is still government conflict, especially in the agencies. Marijuana cultivation has been legalized and there has been ongoing conversations and communication as to medical and recreational weed. So, before you travel, try to understand and know the marijuana regulations of the place you will be visiting.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most cannabis-friendly places where you can vacation without having to think too much about marijuana regulations. Since 2001, Portugal is the place where folks can feel less intimidated. There are different pockets around the world where drug laws are evolving. But, do your research before traveling. Visit the Cannabis Training University to learn more about marijuana regulations in the United States and around the world. We offer online cannabis certification programs in many areas of the cannabis industry.

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