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Are you headed out of town or another country around the world? Are you a cannabis smoker and want to know how to carry your cannabis stash during travel, if it is legal?  You may have had issues with carrying your marijuana smoking equipment and supplies in the past, after taking them out of the original package, but not anymore. There are ways to do it without getting noticed. However, it all depends on how much is in your stash and your final destination. Like other marijuana consumers, it would be safe to guess that your cannabis stash is always changing. With that being said the versatility of your options is the first helpful place to begin.

The Marijuana User          

For many years, most marijuana users around the world understand weed etiquette and have repurposed classic and basic items such as a tin container and their empty sunglasses case. Yes, these containers have the capability of stashing both your smoking device and marijuana buds. However, they can only offer so much coverage and not able to hide the smell as they were not constructed for hiding cannabis stash for travel.

In addition the smell escaping from your cannabis stash, you may risk losing everything if the lid of the container accidentally opened up while traveling. This could happen in any given situation. You could use a doob tube to carry your cannabis stash. They were designed for that purpose. Moreover, these items are cheaper than other containers and they are air tight. Don't forget the lighter and be aware you may not be able to put your joint paper nor blunt into the tube along with your weed stash.

Air Tight Containers

You should also remember that containers that are air tight will tend to be bulkier in comparison to other containers. However, they are most prevalent on the cannabis market and in the industry. Most times, they are made to be the right solution for storing your cannabis stash and other smoking accessories such as your glass pipe and bong. A pill bottle is another option, but a mason jar is better since it is air tight. If you are going to use a pill bottle, make sure it is the one that has secure locking capability. The pill bottles come in different sizes, shapes and materials and so do the mason jars. It will all depend on the size of your cannabis stash.

The Silicone Container

What about containers made of silicone? These are similar to concentrate storage as they are non-stick. However, you don't have to use these for marijuana concentrates since they are also smell proof and they come in various sizes, colors and shapes. However, they are better for concentrates since they handle wax and concentrates much better. Make sure you use silicone material that has medical grade and not food grade. It won't contaminate your weed stash and it is of a higher quality.

The Vaporizer or Vape Pen

Vaporizers or vape pens are easily breakable. And so, you have to be careful how you pack and carry it. Using a vape case is better recommended. Some marijuana dispensaries carry an inventory of vape pens, which are already pre-filled with concentrates and come with a carrying case. It is already sealed for travle and so it eliminates any instances of odor escaping. If you have used your vape pen, before you travel, be sure to unscrew the cartridge after cleaning it and pack it into the safety case. The safety case is important as it gives you a different option of carrying your cannabis stash safely as you travel.

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