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A petition has been filed to legalize recreational cannabis in Oklahoma.

The petition was filed on December 12th, and it is known as State Question 806. 

State Question 806 would add an amendment to the Constitution that would allow people in Oklahoma that are 21 years of age and older to buy marijuana recreationally in the state.

Oklahoma could then benefit from the taxes generated from taxing the sale of cannabis in the state. 

A petition has been filed in an effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has has a fast growing medical marijuana system in place now for over a year and many residents have been granted dispensary licenses, many of whom had little experience in the industry and who are struggling to find their way. 

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Here is a link to the full proposed Oklahoma recreational cannabis ballot.

Oklahoma cannabis laws have grown a lot over the years. The state has seen a positive outcome from tax benefits gained from its medical marijuana system.

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The proposed ballot for legalizing cannabis in Oklahoma would be a tremendous tax and job boost for the state. Many Oklahoma residents are excited about the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana in Oklahoma.

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Typer King of Tulsa said “This would be great to see cannabis legalized recreationally in Oklahoma. I would love to work in the marijuana industry and I think this would bring in a lot of jobs and taxes for the state.”

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