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2019 looks very good for the cannabis industry. In fact, there are promising or potential marijuana trends to look forward to; not only for 2019, but in the future. The excitement is building as the United States welcome new states that legalized weed in late 2018. Many people are hopeful that these marijuana trends will seep over into the federal laws.

One of the reasons for hope is the 2018 Farm Bill that was passed for industrial hemp and in addition, the nationwide legalization in Canada that took place in October 2018. These activities will continue to fuel policy, modernization and free enterprise. It is important to keep an eye on the promising marijuana trends for 2019 so that you are not left behind and that you are aware of the changes that are and will take place in the months and years to come.

The Legalization

As it stands now, the House of Representative Democrats are in control of the house in the United States of American. Some of these Democratic House Representatives made marijuana legalization one of their promises during the midterm election of 2018. Now that the Democrats are in the house, you can bet that they will look at potential marijuana trends across the nation.

You might see various bills introduced and passed for the next two years or more. There are so many young minds in the House of Representative. As a result, there is a different mindset and a lot of frenzy, excitement, expectations and enthusiasm. Many states have decriminalized weed and have ended prohibition at the state level, which is a good sign that it might move towards the federal level. House Representative, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon has laid out the steps and the process for legalizing weed in 2019.


The Department of Justice or DOJ has a lot to do with the promising marijuana trends now that Jeff Sessions, the previous Attorney General has been fired. Sessions was a foe to the cannabis industry. A lot of his beliefs have prevented some financial institutions and companies from entering the industry. When Session was in office, you had a sense that the cannabis industry was in trouble. With the former U.S. Attorney General gone and a new one coming in, there is hope for many that there will be positive change.

The Industry Leaders

2019 is the year when you might begin to see division between the companies that are already doing well in the marijuana industry and the ones that haven't gotten there yet. Up until now, the industry has shown a boom and does not seem to be slowing down, even though, there are challenges. The industry leaders are going to be the ones to set the pace for marijuana trends.

Consumer spending is set to increase to up to forty percent and so many marijuana companies with their business plans could have a good year in 2019. Of course, there may be companies that fail as many do every day. If you are going to become an industry leader, it is best to get the right training and learn more about the business before you enter it. For many, this year will be the reality check to reveal whether they can weather the storm or not.

Investors will come in to rescue some companies, but for the most part, they will take a back seat; watching the wave and the promising marijuana trends as they unfold.

Final Summary

The stock market will also dictate the promise of the marijuana trends. The products and the way they are created and marketed to the right audience will also be telltale.

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