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Is it possible that you are overly consuming recreational marijuana? If so, this may be the reason why you are always so high. It is also a fact that your cannabis strain may have a higher level of THC. Are you even making an effort to know the THC level before you smoke or consume weed? When you consume marijuana on a regular basis, it means that you have to set some boundaries and you have to be aware of how much you are consuming.

Ask Questions

Recreational marijuana is helpful to a lot of people that feel it enhances their life and not stifle it. However, you won't be effective, if you are constantly high, right? Everyone has a different lifestyle and different levels of tolerance. However, below are some of the signs that will help you know how much you are consuming. You don't want to have to check into a rehabilitation center because you are overly consuming recreational marijuana. Although, this does not happen very often to recreational marijuana users. If there is any question that you are overdoing it, then you might want to cut back. Ask yourself some of the questions below to see whether you are overly consuming recreational marijuana or not.

Your Relationship

Does recreational marijuana consumption affect your relationship? If your partner does not smoke, but you do, and if your partner hates it that you do smoke weed, then you may have to consider how to come to a compromise. In addition, consuming too much weed is another way to mess up that specific relationship. Consider if your recreational marijuana consumption is interfering with your relationship. Is your partner able to talk to you about serious matters when you are constantly high? The answer may be a resounding NO.

Your Productivity

Consuming too much weed may affect your productivity. Do you take too much time off work because you did not wake up in time after a night of being too high? Are you smoking weed before you go to work? While a small puff may be harmless, do not make the mistake of smoking an entire joint or two before you enter the workplace. It may be counter-productive, depending on the marijuana strain. Some cannabis strains will dull your thoughts and slow you down. So be careful. Assess your situation before you attempt to get high or stoned. Your daily productivity is just as important.

Your Memory

Could overly consuming recreational marijuana make you more forgetful? For some people, smoking too much pot can affect their short term memory. You may find yourself forgetting the most important things. When you are on a high, it is not easy to remember certain things and in fact, you may fall asleep afterwards.

The Weed Rules

One of the cardinal weed rules is not to overly consume recreational marijuana before you drive, when you are visiting your mother or when you have to go to work. You may find yourself making certain exceptions because the location is only just a few miles away and no one will notice. Do not make that mistake. Do not lose control of your marijuana use, even if it feels better to do so. If you have to face a difficult situation, do so head on. Do not use pot to help you deal with the situation or you may not get the best results.

The Fatigue

Are you feeling more tired than normal? Could it be that you are overly consuming recreational marijuana? If you find yourself always wanting to sleep, this could be the case. Be aware of your level of fatigue, especially when you are using marijuana on a regular basis.

If you love recreational marijuana and it is not convenient, leave it alone. On the other hand, you could wait until the opportune time to do so. In that way, you will enjoy it more. Learn more about recreational marijuana at the Cannabis Training University's online marijuana education courses.

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