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As we already know, marijuana has been legalized in many states; some during the last Presidential election in 2016. So, which states do you think will legalize marijuana next? Let's discuss. Following the November 2016 election, cannabis advocates have their eyes on the future. 2017 is an off election year and the time when states are getting ready for the 2018 senate elections. Supporters of marijuana legalization won't rest for the entire 2017 because of what may be at stake during the 2018 elections.

Vermont is one of the states that almost did legalize marijuana last spring, but just did not make the mark. For that reason, the state is gearing up to have a go at it again. The next election session opened in January 2017. At that time, states like Rhode Island, Missouri, Delaware and Michigan are expected to be a part of the action that will be coming in the subsequent months afterwards. Let us take a closer took to some of the states that may legalize marijuana next.

State of Vermont

Vermont, as mentioned before, voted for adult-use marijuana legislation in spring 2016, but they were not successful. Of course, the state did receive strong support from Governor Peter Shumlin, Vermont Attorney General  and the Vermont Senator, but despite this, they never really made it. In late April, the legislation died in the house. This may have been as a result of pressure from the grassroots due to their fear of marijuana and the belief that it may contribute to the opioid predicament in the state.

Six months after they did not legalize marijuana in the state of Vermont, the legislators were not sure how to deal with this since it was apparent that the landscape was changing. The state of Maine is in close proximity to Vermont and yet they voted to legalize marijuana. Vermont can take the example from the state of Maine, adopting marijuana legally as a means of increasing the excise and sales tax.

The State of Rhode Island

Rhode Island has fifty five percent support from voters to legalize marijuana. Most of the supporters agree that this would increase revenue, but they prefer that marijuana is regulated as much as possible. Most of the supporters were below 44 years of age. After Massachusetts was successful in their cannabis legislation, the Governor or Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo took a closer look at the idea of marijuana legalization in her state of her concerns is public safety and the legal draft as it related to regulation. Nicholas Mattiello, Democratic House Speaker is prepared to take up the legislation after reviewing just how and why Massachusetts has been successful.

The State of Delaware

Delaware is a state of curiosity as it relates to cannabis. The state is larger in size than Rhode Island. However, the state did not agree to having too many marijuana dispensaries in the state. There was only one marijuana dispensary in the state of Delaware, even though, medical marijuana became legal since 2012. Medical cannabis patients are in high numbers, increasing from seven hundred patients in 2015 to over two thousand in 2016. Because of this, a new medical marijuana facility was opened up in January 2017.

The State of Michigan

Over the years, cannabis advocates have made numbers attempts to legalize marijuana. In fact, 2016 was the last time it was attempted; only to fall short of enough signatures. The state may make a push for success in the future, but this should not be expected to reach the ballot until 2018.

The State of Missouri

The advocacy group in the state of Missouri have pushed to legalize marijuana, both medically and recreationally. However, the deadline for signatures was not met for the November ballot. And so, it could be expected to be different in the year 2018.

The State of Maryland

In 2015, decriminalization was chosen by Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland concerning small amounts of marijuana possession. The medical cannabis program was signed as law in 2014, but it has had many delays. The question is whether the state is prepared to legalize marijuana, recreationally. Sixty one percent of Maryland residents and voters do not mind the legalization of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use.

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