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There was undisputed approval for Senate Bill 396 in the United States Senate in the month of April. The entire Assembly approved the bill with a vote of 34 to 5. Governor Sandoval of the state of Nevada signed this bill into law. The bill expanded the existing law governing hemp. This hemp legalization allowed for the state to use hemp as a means of research and so it could be grown in the state for that reason.

Research Purposes

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In this particular case where hemp is allowed to be grown for the purposes of research, the state has created a different program for the specific production, growth and cultivation of agricultural and industrial hemp. This will open the door for commercial hemp to be grown, not only for research, but for the cannabis and hemp market. If you want to grow hemp industrially or agriculturally, you have to register your company at the Department of Agriculture in Nevada where your products will be tested appropriately.

What the Senate Bill Permits

The Senate bill comes with other rules and guidelines for hemp legalization. It allows a facility that produces marijuana infused products and edible cannabis products as well as a medical cannabis dispensary to get industrial hemp from any registered handler or grower. It also allows the same for the manufacturing of marijuana infused products and edible cannabis products. This proposal also permits the medical cannabis dispensary to sell industrial hemp and edible cannabis products that contain industrial help. However, certain regulations have to be adopted and certain minimum requirements have to be followed. These are put in place by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health within the Department of Health and Human Services.

State of Arizona

Hemp legalization also occurred in the state of Arizona with the Senate Bill 1337 passed and approved. The bill has been sent to Governor Doug Ducey for him to give it scrutiny and close consideration. The governor can choose to sign it into law, which would allow it to become fully approved. If he were to have it vetoed, then hemp legalization would not occur. If it becomes law, then hemp would be considered legal to process, produce, distribute and manufacture. Hemp would be designated an agricultural product with regulations and restrictions put in place by the Department of Agriculture. Even though, billions of dollars of hemp product is imported from Canada and China, it still remains illegal among many farmers in the United States. That just doesn't make any sense.

South Carolina

In the state of South Carolina, it is the House Bill 3559 that was approved for hemp legalization and signed into law by Governor McMaster. It received a lot of support from the state's legislature, making it pass in the House of Representative with a unanimous vote. The Senate approved it with only one ‘NO' vote. So, it is highly supported. With the new law, there is an industrial hemp program to be created, distinguishing industrial hemp from cannabis. The bill will allow universities to conduct extensive research and receive state funding for pilot programs for hemp cultivation and working with hemp growers in the community.


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Senate Bill 1294 takes steps for hemp legalization in the state of Illinois. It was passed and sent to the House of Representative. Governor Bruce Rauner is set to get the bill so it can be signed into law. The bill would legalize industrial hemp and allow farmers to cultivate it, but they have to be state licensed first.

Washington State and West Virginia have also voted for hemp legislation. This allows for hemp to be cultivated for research and for other purposes.

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