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Do you love to hike or go on outdoor adventures? Do you love to spend many of your days hiking through a trail or staying overnight in a National Park? Are you a recreational marijuana user? Do you know the cannabis policies for the National Parks in which you stay?

National parks in the United States are visited by thousands of people each year. National parks have amazing settings, especially for marijuana enthusiasts and other vacationers; many of whom are tempted to slip in some weed and light up a joint while on the hiking trail. But the cannabis policies in some national parks might not allow them to do so in public.

The Federal Government

The Marijuana Policies For National Parks. National Park Service sign.

National parks in the United States are situated on federal land and the cannabis policies of the federal government are different from those in states that have legalized weed.

Federal laws determine that marijuana is a dangerous drug and so you wouldn't fare well as a recreational marijuana user, if you smoke weed on federal land. However, it is best to do your research on what each of these parks think about smoking weed on their premises and what their cannabis policies are. If you choose to smoke weed in a national park and not do your homework, you may face charges of misdemeanor if caught smoking weed on premises.

The Remote Area

Not because you are in a remote area, should you think that smoking weed in a public place is not an issue. The cannabis policies might not prevent you from doing so, if you take your chances, but it is not always wise to do so. You should tread carefully. It is possible that you could sneak and puff your already-made marijuana joint, but it will be at your own risk because every federal park has agents who monitor and secure the areas. However, there are ways around avoiding the misdemeanor charge if caught, but it depends on where you live and which national park you visit.

The Probation

If you go to a national park in Wyoming and get caught smoking pot and it is your first time, you might only be warned and go on probation. However, if you are caught by a federal agent, the cannabis policies might change considerably. You might be asked to do periodic urine samples to test for marijuana when you return to your home state. If you test positive, you might lose the probation you received and possibly be charged a misdemeanor.

Final Thoughts

It is best to play it safe, but it also important to have an idea of your rights as it relates to cannabis policies. There are some things you can do, if you are caught. If you are asked for a search of your vehicle, you have the right to deny the search. It is better to demand a search warrant from the officer and if it cannot be produced, then you have the right to say no.

If you feel you want to get high while on the trail, use your vape pen or consume edibles. If you are going to consume weed, do so safely and in a legal way; otherwise expect some form of consequence.

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