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If you consume marijuana, then you might want to know how to carry your weed stash while you are traveling across the country. If it has not already crossed your mind, then this article will show you some tips on marijuana possession while flying by airplane.

There are many people that use marijuana as medication for their ailments and in this case, if you are traveling any time soon, you will want to know how to carry your legal weed stash. To be clear, marijuana possession on an airplane, whether you have received it legally for medical purposes is still considered to be illegal while flying, even with a medical marijuana card.

However, TSA is not interested in getting you in trouble because you have a vape pen or vaporizer on you or even a couple joints in your cannabis travel kit. TSA officers do not go around searching people to find weed.

The Complex Issues

It is much more complex than that. If you want to find secrets on how to hide pot on the plane, you are at the wrong place. We are here to give tips on how to be responsible with marijuana possession while you are flying and not to act devious or anything.

First of all, it depends on where you are traveling to. Secondly, it also depends on the amount of weed you intend to take with you and how much of a risk you are hoping to assume. TSA has rules when it comes to taking vape pens on the plane. Some airlines also have specific rules that you should find out about prior to your travel.

Prior to Traveling

Prior to proceeding, let us make one misconception clear. TSA Officers should never be viewed as law enforcement officials because they are not. Their work is airport security. However, you will see some of them carry around dogs, but only to detect bombs, only for domestic travel.

For international flights, real cops will walk around with drug dogs to sniff out the luggage that has arrived on a flight. One more thing to note is that on the TSA website, you will visibly see that officers do not search your luggage for drugs or marijuana. That is not their job.

However, if you are caught with marijuana possession, the TSA agent will confiscate it and hand it over to law enforcement. With that being said, the city where you depart and arrive will make a difference on the outcome as all cities have their own marijuana possession laws.

One thing is sure and that is as far as the feds are concerned marijuana possession is illegal no matter where you are. However, you still will be subject to the individual laws of the state and the laws of the particular airport, if it is applicable. Be aware that paraphernalia has a different set of rules.

The Outcome

What will take place if you are caught with a marijuana possession? Well, if you land at the Denver International Airport, marijuana possession is deemed illegal once you are on airport grounds, no matter that it is legal in the state of Colorado. However, TSA officials may not do anything if you are caught on marijuana possession since it is legal in the state.

For example, in 2014, there was an instance where 29 people were caught on marijuana possession at the Denver International Airport. The police did not issue any citations. Instead, all those people were told to throw away the weed before boarding the flight.

If this was in Arkansas, then the outcome would have been difference since marijuana possession of up to four ounces comes with a fine of up to $2,500 and jail time of up to a year.

Final Summary

If you are thinking about flying with weed in your possession, be sure to assess the quantity that you are taking with you. Don't go over 2 ounces and do not fly with weed to a city where weed is illegal.

If you have to travel with weed, make sure you do so with cannabis concentrates or vape oil and your vaporizer or vape pen. Secure it in your check in luggage. If your check in bag is searched and it is found, the TSA authority will take it out and leave documentation that your bag was searched.

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