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Zambia legalizes marijuana growing! The Zambian government approved a proposal to legalize the production of cannabis.

Marijuana production will be restricted though for exports and medical purposes only.

There will be a $250,000 annual license fee for companies wishing to trade Marijuana in Zambia.

There is a bidding process for those looking to be issued a commercial license to cultivate and sell marijuana in Zambia.  

The marijuana cultivation and trade licenses will be issued by the Ministry of Health, and marijuana cultivation in Zambia will be overseen and enforced by the Zambia National Service.

This law was unanimously approved by a recent cabinet meeting at State House. 

An anonymous Cabinet member was quoted. “Cabinet approved the Cab Memo submitted by Health Minister D. Chilufya for Marijuana legalization but for medicinal purposes. What is interested (interesting) is that during that (the) cabinet meeting, there were attempts by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture working with Ministry of Commerce to take over the whole process of issuing licenses from the Ministry of Health who have been pushing this agenda for some time,” the anonymous source said.

Data and researched performed by the African Cannabis Report claims that Africa’s legal cannabis industry could be worth more than $7.1 billion annually by 2023, which would be an incredible boost to the country’s economy. 

Unfortunately, at this time, cannabis remains illegal throughout Africa other than in Lesotho. 

Hopefully the leaders of Africa will see the enormous benefits cannabis legalization could have on their country and make some necessary changes to their marijuana laws. 

African could use the cannabis tax revenue for many other areas that funding is needed. The country could see an enormous boost from legalizing marijuana.

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