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The ancient history of cannabis tea in some countries is very interesting. Cannabis tea has been around since ancient time. Back then, it was thought to be very sacred and honorable. It was also thought to be a very effective form of traditional or alternative medicine; a far cry from what is accustomed to in the Western medical world.

Cannabis tea has been used for various purposes and the same is true for many cultures around the world. Cannabis tea can be used in a variety of ways, but it depends on the effects that you are trying to reach.

You will be able to get an inside look into cannabis tea and its chronological anthropology and how you can use it to make recipes that will allow you t sleep and remain in good health. Let's now look at its history.

The History of Cannabis Tea

history of cannabis tea

Cannabis tea or weed tea has been used as a medicine since ancient times. In fact, there is a mountain of evidence that provides this fact and it goes way back to thousands of years throughout different geographical locations around the world. The most prominent places that are specific to this are the Caribbean, India, Egypt and China. All of these countries used weed tea to treat their many medical conditions. Each country has a different kind of history and culture as it pertains to weed. Let's start with China.

The China Tea

The marijuana plant is found in many archaeological sites in China. And this was discovered a long time ago. In fact, it goes back almost five thousand years ago; being rumored to have been first to have health and psychoactive benefits. T

he sparse records during this era do not lend a lot of reliability to the rumors, but many still believe that this is the case. We all know that the marijuana is thought of as a gift as did the pyramids during that time. Even though, the origination of cannabis consumption is not reliable for that era, the idea of the tea is still well known.

The Egyptian Tea

People know about the medicinal value of cannabis by the ancient documents that were recorded as fact in ancient Egypt. There was one document called “Ebers Papyrus,” which was written close to 1500 BCE. The document is said to have described marijuana being used by Egyptians as a suppository and used as a hemorrhoid treatment.

Medical marijuana has been mentioned in other Egyptian documents more than once pone in 1700 BC and two in 1300 BC. These documents are said to have proven the medical benefits of using cannabis since it treated different ailments such as glaucoma, headaches, inflammation and pain. Some archaeologists have found the remains of bodies covered in marijuana pollen in Egypt and once such is the “Mummy of Ramesses II.”

The Indian Tea

One of the countries that are known for cannabis tea is India. Stories have been long since documented. In fact, cannabis products have been produced in ancient times as a sacrament.

The Indians practice the Hindu religion and some people might be thinking that there is no way that the culture involved cannabis tea, but it did. The cannabis tea in India is called Bhang. This tea is usually strong and psychoactive. It is made using crushed buds from the cannabis plant combined with ghee butter and milk along with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and cloves.

The Caribbean Tea

During ancient times, Jamaica and its Rastafarians used cannabis tea as a sacrament to their religion. They also used the marijuana plant as such. Many users consumed weed for recreational purposes as well and they would get away with it, if they practiced the Rastafarian religion.

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