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The elusive female O’ is a subject of controversy in many circles. Traditionally, in many cultures it has been taboo for women to seek pleasure from sex. This has been the preserve of the male species. If anything, at least the male orgasm has a significant purpose which is to deposit sperms into the vagina for the purposes of reproduction. On the flip side, the female orgasm has no bearing on ovulation or fertilization. It is therefore a “mere bonus” or reward for facilitating the process of reproduction. But to the modern woman, mutual orgasm is an integral part of intimacy.

Why is it so Hard for women to Achieve Orgasm?

The NHS website defines orgasm as “a feeling of intense sexual pleasure that happens during sexual activity.”

Women may struggle to achieve orgasm for various reasons. For starters culture is a big barrier to women being able to fully enjoy sexual intimacy. If anything, girls have been raised to believe that “good girls don’t enjoy sex.” If this is a struggle for you speaking to a counsellor may help you overcome this.

Other reasons that hinder female orgasm include anxiety related to sex, pain during intercourse, and loss of libido, monotony, and low energy levels.

Does Cannabis Help with Orgasm?

Cannabis can help to address the elusive female O” through various mechanisms. This includes addressing the underlying cause of the problem, whatever it is.

The type of the marijuana strain will influence the nature of the sexual experience. Some strains will cause a rush in blood to the higher centers and put you in a mood for sex. Other strains may promote relaxation and help you ease into sexual stimulation. However, not all cannabis strains act in the same way. Thus it is important to know which strain works best for your specific scenario.

1.   Strains That Are Great for Sex Drive

Without a sex drive, it will be impossible to achieve orgasm of any sort. Marijuana strains that are great for libido usually have a high amount of limonene. Such strains include the popular Dos- si-Dos and Wedding Cake.

These strains are indica-leaning meaning that they offer a near- perfect body stone. They also have high THC amounts which causes a mental buzz. Once the deep wave of relaxation sweeps through the body it washes away tensions and gets you ready- for-sex.

2.   Strains That Are Great for Solo Sex

Increasingly more people are opting for solo- sex; enjoyment is commonly an issue in this case. Strains that are high in Terpineol have a calming effect on the body. Consuming this strain in advance will help to settle you in a good mood and facilitate the quest for sexual pleasure. Strains such as La Confidential, and Amnesia Haze.

3.   Strains That Are Great For Anxiety

Anxiety is a common reason for women not being able to achieve orgasm. Many studies have shown that cannabis is effective in relieving anxiety. Some marijuana strains will reduce self- consciousness and put you in the mood for sex.

If you struggle with anxiety during intimate moments, consider trying Bubba Kush, Kosher Kush, or any other potent Kush strain.

4.   Strains That Are Great For Dyspareunia (Painful Sex)

Painful sex affects ¾ of women at least at one point in their sexual lives. Having pain during sex is a sure fire way to avoid orgasms. Thus, preventing pain will increase your chances of reaching orgasm.

There are several high- CBD strains that can help to address this problem. Some of the greatest strains to try here include Zkittlez, Cannatonic, and Harlequin.

Look for marijuana strains that are terpene- rich and specifically have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

5.   Strains That Are Great For Sexual Adventure

If sex becomes too routine orgasm is likely to become a thing of the past. That is where marijuana comes in. Some high potency strains will get you out of your comfort zone and thrust you full-throttle into mind-blowing sex. This is the kind of strain that has a strong cerebral buzz as well as a gentle body stone. Some strains that fall in this category include Grandaddy Purple, Train Wreck, and Blue Dream.

6.   Strains That Are Great For Energy Levels

Poor energy levels, especially in menopause, will be a deterrent to achieving orgasm. Of course this is coupled with several other reasons during menopause. Working on your energy levels will increase your likelihood of enjoying intimacy and probably lead you all the way up to an orgasm.

Strains that will get your energy levels up include Green Crack, Super Lemon Haze, and Cheese Quake.

7.   Strains That Are Great For Relaxing

There are a couple of reasons that may make you tense during an act of sex. When a woman is not relaxed she is likely to fail to lubricate and this will have a negative impact on her sexual desire. If you struggle to relax during such moments, try a deeply relaxing cannabis strain such as Master Kush and Mr. Nice.

8.   Strains That Will Increase Sensitivity

Whether you are having solo sex or partner sex, you need to be sensitive down there in order to achieve orgasm. Being moderately lubricated definitely helps with this. Some marijuana strains may also help with this.

A strain with balanced THC and CBD is good for the erogenous zone. This includes strains such as Bubblegum Kush, Sour Diesel, and Jilly Bean.

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Cannabis for sex is becoming a popular topic in many circle with some wondering if this really works. While cannabis may not exactly improve your chances of siring offspring, it definitely plays a huge role in improving your sexual experience. Not all marijuana strains will help to get you in the mood for sex or increase your level of enjoyment. Therefore it is important to find out which particular strains can help in this department.

Before concluding, here are a few tips to help you and your partner (if any) make the most use of the best cannabis strains for orgasm:

  • Plan ahead
  • Consume the cannabis together
  • Stick to moderate levels
  • Share your experience with each other
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