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Glaucoma is a medical condition that damages the optical nerve. This damage can limit the side vision of the patient and sometimes, lead to blindness in people who suffer from the condition.

One way to reduce the damage caused by glaucoma is to reduce the build up of pressure inside the eye. For many years, even before medical marijuana became legal, patients with glaucoma utilized cannabis to relieve the build up of pressure and help relieve the symptoms of glaucoma.

While the use of cannabis doesn’t cure the condition, if you know the strains of cannabis for glaucoma, it can help lessen the discomfort of the disease.

Cannabis and Glaucoma Research

Research began on using cannabis for glaucoma back in the 1970s. There are three main reasons that doctors choose to treat their patients with medical marijuana.

First, cannabis seems to lower intraocular pressure that destroys the optic nerve in patients. The effects of smoking a weed last for several hours so the doctor might prescribe the use of cannabis several times a day.

Second, cannabis doesn’t have the same side effects as traditional medications used to treat glaucoma.

Lastly, doctors prescribe cannabis as a means to avoid surgery. Some patients with heart problems, breathing problems or asthma cannot tolerate traditional prescription drugs so their doctors prescribe medical cannabis and put off surgery.

There are many different strains of cannabis and not all of them create the same response. A doctor prescribing medical marijuana needs to understand and research the different strains of the plants to get their patients the most benefit possible. For example, there is sativa and indica cannabis.

Using sativa strains makes a patient more energetic and creative. The indica cannabis helps a patient relax. In some cases, the indica cannabis puts a person to sleep quickly. Here are a few of the most commonly used strains of cannabis for glaucoma patients.

Cannabis for Glaucoma: The 5 Best Strains

Maui Waui

This sativa type of cannabis offers a sweet and dank smell. It offers a medium potency and leaves the users feeling energetic and happy after smoking it. Many users note that it offers a sweet taste while smoking it, but there is a mild sour after taste noted.

Cherry Kola

This is an indica type of cannabis that smells of cherries. When smoked, this weed offers a sweet taste. You can recognize it by its violet tips and rich cherry smell. It offers an average THC of 17.3 percent and 20-percent total cannabinoids, making it very potent.

Jack the Ripper

This is a sativa type hybrid that offers a savory scent, and many people note that it smell and taste are the same. This particular strain of medical marijuana is great at relieving pain in glaucomas patients. You can recognize it with its dark green appearance with orange triconesmixed in.


This indica hybrid cannabis earthy when you inhale it, but sweet and fruity as you exhale it. The effects make your head feel hazy and your body feel heavy. This is a very potent strain of marijuana and should be used when you don’t need to go anywhere or remain active. It appears dark green with purple and blue spots.

The Black

An indica cannabis made to taste really smooth when smoked, and it features a strong earthy smell. Smokers report feeling immediate effects, including a heaviness in their bodies. This strain appears black or a very dark purple with dark green spots and flowers that are crystal coated.

With a little research and experimentation, you can find a strain of cannabis that relieves your glaucoma symptoms or prescribe a strain for a sufferer. You can start with these most used types.

Glaucoma has been proven numerous times to be positively treated with the use of medical marijuana.

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