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For someone with epilepsy, which is a seizure disorder, life can be quite challenging as this is a major disruption of their lives. In many cases, occurrences of epilepsy have taken some people's life. Many patients, however, do manage to get the right medication and treatment while others don't. Seizure disorders are not easy to manage or treat. However, recently, it has been highlighted in the media that cannabis treatment for epilepsy should be a serious consideration in the medical community.

This is especially true in the case of children since there has been some success for this group. One example is the effect on epilepsy from the use of Charlotte's Web marijuana strain.  This has shun some light on the medicinal use and benefits of marijuana. This is the case, whether marijuana has been classified by the Federal government as a dangerous drug or not. When it comes to children and the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana, however, cannabis treatment of epilepsy has to consider the use of CBD only.

The Cannabis Research for Epilepsy

The success stories of cannabis treatment for kids with epilepsy should give us all hope for the future of medical marijuana and its impact on epileptic disorder in adults . With inspiring stories like the Charlotte's Web, many people are enlightened and educated on the benefits of cannabis treatment for epilepsy.

It is evident that CBD has as much medical benefits and capabilities as THC within the marijuana plant. At least, cannabis research has shown this. However, it has not yet sure of the extent to which its range is defined as respect to both children and adults. Cannabis research is still ongoing.

The Given Permission

Most recently, the DEA has given permission to some academic institutions to explore the benefits, side effects, impact and use of marijuana as a medicinal plant. The fact that the DEA has given permission says a lot about the progress that can be made as researchers move forward. The cannabis community should be pleased with this option and we are sure that they are. Now, let's look at what the medical cannabis community may find in their research.

CBD Versus THC for Epilepsy Treatment

Based on the limited cannabis research and studies of the marijuana plant and cannabis treatment, it has been found that marijuana has therapeutic potential, but the medical community is still being impeded in their research due to labeling of marijuana as a dangerous drug by the federal government.

Clinical trials have gotten aggressive as it relates to pure CBD in cannabis treatment. Epidolex has been one of the pharmaceutical drugs used in one of the clinical trials because of the presence of pure CBD. This was done just to conclude that cannabinoids have great therapeutic benefits. This has provided hope for the medical community as something that will provide cannabis treatment for those with epilepsy.

Until most recently, the data has been minimal, especially published information. The Charlotte's Web case is enough evidence that CBD therapy works in the case of seizures and epilepsy. Why is this so?

The Body's Contribution

The cannabinoid system in our bodies and the cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant work well together. This is the simple way of explaining it. Since CBD is proven to be biologically present in the body and that it is effective when combined with CBD from the marijuana plant, then it is safe to say that it should be considered for cannabis treatment in people with epilepsy, whether it is a child or adult. It appears as if time is going to be the ultimate judge, but for now, there are obvious cases that have proven that CBD is instrumental in cannabis treatment of epilepsy and other conditions.

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