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Marijuana Treatment for Breast Cancer. Flowers under a marijuana leaf

Cannabis Treatment for Breast Cancer: What To Know

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, meaning this is the time when women from all over the world come out to celebrate their remission and to support those who are still battling and suffering with the disease. This is a big deal and it is spreading like wildfire – and new, alternative treatments, including those using cannabis, may just make a big difference.

If you have never had breast cancer, you might know someone who does. Breast cancer is not respectful of any woman. It claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year. The World Health Organization has indicated that this kind of cancer is one of the most common in the world and is the second leading cause of death among many women.

The Options

There are women with breast cancer that have survived, but have to still do regular testing to maintain good health and continued remission. To get a good idea of the statistics, every two minutes, women are diagnosed with this deadly disease and every twelve minutes, a woman will die from this. So, the question is whether there is something that can be done for these women in limbo. Cannabis treatment in the form of CBD products is becoming quite popular to deal with the side effects such as nausea, pain and fatigue; among other things. This is a natural choice for patients looking for a good option. Other treatment options will be more costly, not to mention chemotherapy and radiation, which also carries an expensive cost. Both of these western treatments have major side effects.

Malignant Tumor

Let us take a look at cannabis treatment for breast cancer, especially with the use of cannabis products that can be administered topically and sublingually. In most cases, people with a tumor growth will be tested for breast cancer. In a lot of instances, it is a malignant growth, especially, if it is caught in time. The good thing is that cannabis treatment works best on lumps and growth when it is applied as a topical cream or taken sublingually under the tongue. To understand this, we need to address the development of breast cancer. This disease starts as a malignant growth in the breast area. A group of cancer cells grow in the breast, after which it spreads and if not taken care of by cannabis treatment or other treatment, it will metastasize to other areas of the body. Let us now look at what happens when cannabidiol is administered.

The Cannabidiol

CBD is known as ‘cannabidiol.' It is one of the compounds that fights against cancer tumors and has them self destruct. Its cancer-fighting properties are known to be quite effective as indicated in a 2011 research study. The study showed that CBD levels or cannabidiol levels facilitate autophagy and apoptosis. What does this means? Well, the cannabidiol communicates with the cancer cells, forcing them to commit suicide and be replaced with healthy cells. The cannabidiol or CBD kills the cancer cells, working with the body's intuitive system and procedures. The THC that is found in the cannabis strain will also regulate the cycle of the cells in the body. This is why cannabis treatment continues to produce results; not only by the CBD contained in cannabis, but also the THC and trichomes. The THC is also shown to reduce the tumor's size in many cases where cannabis treatment is administered. The CBD goes into the metastasized cancer cells and tears it apart, preventing it from spreading to other parts of the body. CBD is said to turn off that trigger that is linked to the development of destructive cancer cells.

Final Thoughts

The combination of CBD and THC therapies are said to be highly effect as cannabis treatment. In fact, their combination and the entourage effect that amplifies the success of breast cancer remission. In addition to providing treatment for breast cancer, CBD and THC also help to soothe the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

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