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How To Educate Weed Consumers About THC and CBD. Up close of a marijuana leaf.
How To Educate Pot Consumers About THC and CBD

It is important to test or check cannabis products to ensure that they are properly labeled with the right amount of CBD and THC. Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids and they are mostly the main source of many cannabis products. It is important for pot consumers to be educated as it relates to what these cannabinoids are and how they work when consumed. The marijuana product packaging will usually have a list of the amount of THC and CBD on the label. Most pot consumers might find it difficult to read the numbers on the label and to interpret it, especially for those who are novices.

Cannabis Consumers

Pot consumers might not be privy to the right information on how to tell when a cannabis product has a high level of THC or a low level of CBD. Let's take a look at the interpretation. Both CBD and THC levels are described in percentage terms as it relates to the dry weight of the cannabis flower. These are a necessary part of the labeling of the cannabis product. On the label, you will find numbers for THCA, THC and Total THC. If you are a novice to the cannabis world, then you may not be as clear about the exact number and how it is related. To interpret THC levels, it is best to know the full spectrum. The strain genetics are usually limited in the production of cannabinoid in the flower. There are three main chemotypes and these are defined by the ratio of THC and CBD.

Cannabis Potency

The THC in any strain is determined by the cannabis potency. In most cases, a strain dominant in THC will have mostly THC, but less CBD properties. When you smoke weed strong in THC potency, you will experience a stronger psychoactive effect than if you were to smoke a strain dominant in CBD. Most of the popular strains that are dominant in THC include:

  • OG Kush
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Blue Dream

Strains dominant in CBD contain less THC and more CBD. And so, you would have little or no psychoactive impact upon consumption. The most popular CBD strains are:

  • Remedy
  • Charlotte's Web

Strains that have the same ratio of CBD and THC tend to fall in the middle category. This means that you could get high from smoking these strains, especially if you are one of those pot consumers who do not have that many years experience in smoking weed. The most popular strains that fall into the middle category are:

  • Harlequin
  • Cannatonic

All cannabis strains are categorized based on the levels of THC and CBD known as chemotypes. The categories include:

Lab Testing

It is not just good to judge the amount of THC and CBD levels. It is better to do lab testing. With lab testing, the measurements of CBD and THC can be determined. With lab testing, you will be able to determine the average total THC and CBD levels. Lab testing determines if the THC and CBD levels are high, low or medium. By law, this should be documented on the label of the cannabis product packaging.

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Final Thoughts

Cannabis has a wide variety of additional cannabinoids that are helpful in determining the smell, effects and the flavor. The specific cannabis product will also determine the level of potency. It might have a higher level of potency, if it is a concentrate or edibles. As we continue to see growth in the cannabis industry, it is important to establish easier ways for pot consumers to visually determine and easily pick out strains with the level of THC and CBD potency that they are seeking. Find out more at the Cannabis Training University.

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