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A Guide to Marijuana Derived Camphene. Camphene compound.

A Guide to Cannabis Derived Camphene

Camphene is a terpene that is found in cannabis as well as other common essential oils. It is from a class of terpenes known as bicyclic monoterpenes. Other than cannabis, camphene is also found in citronella, camphor, neroli, valerian, turpentine, and ginger oil. Camphene has been implicated in the treatment of several medical conditions which shall be discussed at a later segment of this article. As much as most of the evidence is still preclinical it points towards significant therapeutic benefits especially in the area of cardiovascular disease.

What is Camphene?

Camphene is a monoterpene that is part of the carbide family; it is also an isomer of pinene.

Camphene Aroma

Terpenes are known for the unique scents that they give to plants. Camphene produces an earthy or herbal aroma similar to that produced by myrcene.

Therapeutic Benefits of Camphene

Camphene has powerful antioxidant benefits when combined with vitamin C. Other benefits of camphene include:

    1. Antibacterial benefits

A study that was conducted in 2010 showed that when camphene is combined with camphor oil it is able to produce antibacterial effects.  The effectiveness was shown against three types of bacteria when topical applications of cannabis were used.

     2. Antifungal Properties

Some studies have demonstrated that camphene has antifungal properties when it is combined with sage oil. It can be mixed with other essential oils such as holy basil and applied to the skin to fight fungal dermatitis.

    3. Antioxidant Benefits

As mentioned earlier camphene in combination with vitamin C has antioxidant benefits. It reduces oxidative stress which leads to tissue damage. Ayurvedic therapy has always incorporated camphene in many of their therapies.

 4. Respiratory Benefits

When camphene is combined with tulsi essential oil it is able to relive respiratory symptoms such as in bronchitis. When diluted it acts as a cough suppressant and a decongestant.

    5.  Cardiovascular Benefits

Most of the attention on camphene has been targeted towards its potential cardiovascular benefits. According to the CDC, 1 person in the US dies every 37 seconds from a cardiovascular related condition. A study that was conducted in 2011 showed that camphene has a significant ability to  decrease plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels in a mouse model. While further studies need to be conducted to conclude its efficacy, camphene appears to be a promising compound in this area.

     6.  Anti-inflammatory Benefits


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Camphene has anti-inflammatory benefits when combined with other cannabis-derived terpenes. Chronic inflammation is an underlying factor in a couple of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Camphene in Aromatherapy

Because camphene is an aromatic compound it is often incorporated in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a form of natural treatment that uses essential oils obtained from aromatic plants to treat a couple of illnesses.

Camphene has also been used to treat mosquito bites. Apart from its therapeutic uses, camphene is also a source of fuel and was used to light lamps several years back. It is also commonly used in the preparation of fragrances and as a food flavoring agent.

Strains Rich in Camphene

Camphene has a strong musky or herbal aroma. Strains that are rich in camphene include ACDC and OG Kush.

    1. ACDC Strain

ACDC is a sativa-dominant strain with a mix of herbal, pine, and peppery notes. It is popular due to its high-CBD content. It is a descendant of the CBD rich Cannatonic strain. Consequently, ACDC has very little intoxicating effects. It has been used to relieve pain, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy. It causes little to no side-effects when consumed.

     2. OG Kush Strain

OG Kush is a popular cannabis strain that has a mix of herbal, citrusy, and peppery notes. It has been cultivated for many years, starting in Florida in the 1990’s. It is a cannabis hybrid cross between the landrace Hindu Kush strain and Northern Californian strain. This strain has a rich terpene profile with camphene featuring prominently.

    3. Banana Kush strain

Banana Kush is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that is high in camphene. Its aroma has a dominant aroma of bananas with subtle herbal and earthy notes. It has strong effects on the body and might cause a couch-lock effect. It has been used to treat stress and depression.

Camphene and the Entourage Benefit

The entourage effect is a phenomenon that explains how cannabis terpenes interact with phytocannabinoids. Previously it was believed that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC produced greater therapeutic benefits when they were taken as a single molecule. This theory has been disputed and it has now emerged that when different cannabis are taken in concert they produce a healing effect that is stronger and more durable. This effect has been summarized into one thought; the whole is greater than the sum of parts.

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When camphene is combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes, its therapeutic benefits are enhanced.

That was a quick guide to the cannabis derived camphene, thanks for sticking to the end.




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