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Let's examine how to do a marijuana drug test at home. If your toxin level is higher because you have been smoking a lot of weed and you have to take a marijuana test at home because that is the only thing you can afford, then read the remaining article to find out how.

You can drink one or more cleansing drinks to detox yourself. When you clean out your system, it reduces the level of toxins in your body; even within one hour. And when you do flush your body, it can remain clean for up to five hours before the marijuana test. There is a clean drink known as XXtra Clean! Let us see what it is and how you use it.

How to Use It

To use the XXtra Clean product, make sure you shake the bottle well and be sure to drink every drop of the liquid in the bottle. Wait for fifteen minutes and then fill up the bottle with spring water. Shake the bottle again and drink what is in it. Go to the bathroom to urinate once you feel the urge and this will help to flush the toxins in the body caused by smoking weed.

Eat meals that are light and be sure to avoid foods that are high in fat and grease. XXtra Clean also comes with six pills used for cleaning out the body and so there are instructions as to how to use it on the packet. Most people use it at least 24 hours before the marijuana test. Be sure not to smoke or consume any weed for at least two days before the marijuana test. Stay away from any foods that would increase toxicity, if you want the best marijuana test results.

Using Shampoo

You don't know if the tester is going to do a hair follicle test or not and so you also have to be prepared for this. The Ultra Clean Shampoo is the proven shampoo that is said to be able to purify your hair follicles. You will find it in department stores. Go down the shampoo aisle and look for “Ultra Clean Shampoo.” It will not only clean the follicles, but also condition the hair as well.

It will also detangle your hair, add sheen and give you manageable hair. One of the main advantages of using this shampoo is that it goes directly to the inner hair structure so as to remove and dissolve any chemicals. By so doing, it helps you to pass any marijuana test that you take and you can administer from your home. Get “Aloe Rid” to remove toxins from your hair follicles. It is best to use it about ten days, but no less than three days before the marijuana test.

Urine Test

The department stores sell powdered urine test kits to use at home. In fact, it is the recommended urine test if you want to pass your marijuana test. The kit has a transport vial that has a lid, powdered urine, temperature strip and a couple of heaters, which are air activated.

The heaters bring up the temperature of your urine so it does not suspiciously seem as if it is too hot or too cold. Your urine will be clear and clean when using this urine test method.

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Final Summary

The local department stores in your neighborhood or community do sell other marijuana test products that you can do at home. Some of these include oral fluid test, blood test and others. If you want to know more about how to take a marijuana test at home, then we recommend visiting the Cannabis Training University, the premier cannabis college.

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