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How to identify bad medical marijuana products. If you smoke weed, it means that you have to buy it from somewhere. If you are a medical marijuana patient, it means that you have to get your stash from somewhere too. And, you have to get it from a reputable local dispensary where the budtender is knowledgeable to answer your questions and take care of any concerns that you may have about your preferred marijuana products.

Today as weed is officially legalized in so many states across the nation; medical marijuana patients have many different options as it comes to products and dispensaries. So, you can actually be picky, especially with so many new companies coming out with so many new brands to choose from. There are tons of innovative medical marijuana products on the market, but you have to be able to determine which ones are bad and which ones have the highest quality and which ones have met the legal regulations of the state where the cannabis products are sold. As the market continues to evolve, you have to do your homework because unfortunately, not all companies follow the legal guidelines as they should.

Testing the Quality of Cannabis

In addition, the testing laws for quality medical marijuana products vary from one state to the other. Some states require manufacturers to only report the levels of CBD and THC. So, many popular marijuana products such as the vaporizer pen are not yet subject to strict consumer testing for safety. And so since there is not as much standardization across the board for many marijuana products, the patients are the ones that have the burden of doing their own research to source the best material to use so that their marijuana products can be safe to use. It is important then to try and avoid the medical marijuana products that are not as good for consumption as others are. We have put together a list of tips below that you can follow.

Follow Your Instincts

If at any time while you are purchasing medical marijuana products for yourself, it is best to trust and follow your instincts. This is especially true, if you think that something is just not right about the product. In most cases, your instinct does not fail you. One of the most popular products on the cannabis market is dried flower, but bear in mind that it is prone to be contaminated from residual pesticides and mold.

Moldy Cannabis Flower

For this reason, batch testing is required in some states to ensure that marijuana products like these are safe for consumption. However, it is possible for one or two moldy samples to slip through and not be caught in time before making it on the market. So, when you purchase dried flower, be sure to taste and smell test it first before consuming it. If the flower appears to be wet, then it could possibly have mold. You should also avoid dried flower that has a sweet and musty smell, if it is visibly gray or white and if it gives you chest pain when you are inhaling or if it appears to have triggered your asthma attacks or allergy. When weed is contaminated, you run the risk of compromising your immune system.


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Research Company Brands

Remember that you are going to be the one consuming the marijuana products and so it is incumbent upon you to do your own research on reputable company brands prior to making a purchase. Go online or go directly to a local dispensary before the purchase and look at their inventory menu and take a close look at the list of ingredients in the product of interest. Contact certain providers and ask about testing practices and ingredients. Find out from the local dispensary where the marijuana products are sourced. Purchase brands that have been lab tested because this is probably the safest way that you can make sure you are buying a quality product.

Choose Organic Cannabis

It is best to choose medical marijuana products that are organic. In so doing, you will ensure that the sourcing materials have been certified as being organic and made using practices that define it as organic. If you want to learn more about how you can determine whether medical marijuana products are safe or not, visit the Cannabis Training University, the industry leading cannabis training school.

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