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How to Select The Right Medical Marijuana Strains. Marijuana plants

How to Select The Right Medical Cannabis Strains

It is important to know how to select the right medical cannabis strains that you need and the steps are not as simple as you may think. For one, there are new strains coming on the market at a speedy rate and it is hard to keep up sometimes. As it stands now, there are cannabis breeders combining various strains for the distinct reason of creating new cannabis strains and it is an ongoing process, which is hard to keep up with.

By now, it is evident that cannabis is not a dangerous drug, but helpful for alleviating various medical conditions. So, let us get that out of the way. In the political climate and the federal government's classification, it is an ongoing fight to make this fact believable, but most advocates, stoners and people who accept cannabis as a medicine know that there are only added benefits to medical cannabis. The entire world is accepting this fact.

The Cultivators

Cultivating medical cannabis strains at home is now on the rise. This is especially true now that many people are seeking strains that are rich in CBD. Yes, not everyone loves to smoke cannabis that is high in THC and so they prefer to select the right medical cannabis strains; the ones high in CBD. This allows patients of medical cannabis to be self sufficient as they can become cultivators of their own personal stash. It tends to save much more money.

Sativa Hybrid

While cannabis strains are not primarily recreational in modern times, medical cannabis strains have far more nuances. As it stands right now, medical cannabis growers have more choices than they have ever had before. To select the right type of strains, it is best to chose from classifications and categories. Most people start with sativa strains, but more so the sativa hybrid strains because of its uplifting effects. It has high THC levels and low in CBD. The medicinal applications of sativa hybrids tend to usually suit people with depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses. A good sativa strain will take about three months to flower and must be trained and pruned to get to its control height.

India Hybrid

The other choice is indica hybrid strains, which might include Northern Lights and Kush. These are high in THC and a little more than one percent of CBD. This offers more advantage to the medical patient than sativa hybrid does as it relates to their physical health. The indica hybrid strain gives a sedative effect and aids in relief of pain and reduces insomnia. It blooms in about nine weeks and growers have the option of using limited space and reduced time for cultivating this strain. So, to choose the right medical cannabis strains, you should look primarily at these facts and make your determination.

Hybrid Strain

The hybrid strain is a cross between sativa and indica strains. As to be expected, hybrid strains are diverse in their potencies and these ranges from very low to quite high. Usually when the THC levels are higher and CD is one percent or less, then you would consider these to be contemporary hybrids. You will receive a combination of head and body effects along with euphoric components and stoned sensations that affect the body to varying degrees. Many cannabis growers are choosing to grow hybrid genetics such as landraces, which are quite rare. These high grade hybrid strains go through up to ten weeks of bloom with aggressive growth.

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Final Summary

You should also choose your medical cannabis strains as it relates to its CBD richness, autoflowering elements, genetics and its cannabinoids. Look for popular names, celebrity endorsements and seeds when you get ready to select the right medical cannabis strains.

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