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Marijuana and weight loss has become a hot topic in the natural health industry. THC and weight loss seems like an odd couple, but data shows a lot of promise in this area. Can marijuana help you lose weight? If you follow the guidelines in the article you'll see why it can be useful and how to maximize the effects!

Does Weed Make You Lose Weight?

Saying that smoking weed makes you lose weight isn't telling the whole truth. While marijuana weight loss sounds perfect, there is only epidemiological data showing that regular cannabis users are less obese than non-users.

Some data shows that overweight and obese individuals do successfully lose weight when using marijuana. But, why does weed make you lose weight?

Does Weed Increase Metabolism?

Weed weight loss may be due to an increase in metabolic function. Does marijuana speed up metabolism to the point of being able to eat anything you want and still lose weight? Not quite!

The increase in metabolic function may help cannabis users burn more calories throughout the day, but that isn't the only way it can aid weight loss efforts.

Due to the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, marijuana use can drastically affect our weight loss efforts, which will be discussed in a bit.

What About The Munchies?

How does weed make you skinny when getting the munchies is such a common occurrence? Smoking weed and weight loss don't seem like compatible partners when smoking a potent batch of cannabis will send you to the fridge to search for tasty treats.

Marijuana and weight loss aren't compatible at that moment, but that initial drive of hunger comes and goes quickly. Then, a more stable satiated period lasts for quite a while and can lower appetite for days to come.

To ensure that the munchies don't hinder weight loss goals, have healthy, low-calorie snacks on hand and practice some discipline to ensure you reach for those instead of calorie-heavy snacks.

Possible Reasons For Cannabis Weight Loss

The reasons that weed makes you lose weight aren't studied enough to say for sure what is happening in our complex bodies to cause weight loss.

Does smoking weed make you lose weight simply due to a slight bump in metabolism and reduced appetite beyond the initial munchies? There might be much more to it. Here are some additional reasons that ganja might help you shed those extra pounds.

Improved Mobility from Cannabis Use

Can smoking weed help you lose weight if you are glued to the couch all day? Probably not. But, marijuana is known to be useful for pain relief.

Everybody has a bad ankle, knee, or shoulder that holds them back from physical activity sometimes. And while the pain is always there, physical activity doesn't automatically make the injury worse.

Using cannabis strains known for pain relief may make physical activity feel better and improve your mobility daily. Moving more often throughout the day helps increase your calorie burn to the point of weight loss for some!

Here are 3 favorite marijuana strains for pain relief:

Choosing strains that are high in CBD and contain high levels of the terpene Caryophyllene is recommended for pain relief. If you can find a strain like this that also boosts energy levels with terpenes like Pinene or Limonene may increase daily physical activity even more!

Increased Motivation

Can you lose weight by smoking weed if you are always down in the dumps? Probably not, since that's when you'll reach for that tasty tub of ice cream calling your name!

Choosing a strain that is known for motivating effects like more energy, uplifting feelings, and increasing focus is a good way to ensure your motivation levels stay high when looking to lose weight.

Here are 3 of the most popular motivating cannabis strains:

Users typically notice a large boost in energy when using these marijuana strains.

Reduced Stress Levels

The stress hormone Cortisol is known for hindering weight loss efforts. Reducing stress by using cannabis can lower chronic Cortisol levels and boost weight loss efforts.

Can smoking weed make you lose weight if you are always stressed out? Yes, use it when you feel stressed to ensure Cortisol levels don't rise too high or too often!

Here are the best stress-relieving cannabis strains:

Funny how they are all named after a tasty dessert that makes you happy!

Used To Replace Drinking

The younger crowds may choose to smoke marijuana instead of drinking to have a fun night out. Does weed help you lose weight if you replace high-calorie alcohol with calorie-free marijuana? It definitely can!

Improved Sleep from Marijuana

man sleeping after smoking marijuana

Can weed make you skinny if it makes you sleep more? Yes, optimal sleep improves weight loss drastically.

Too little sleep causes raised Cortisol levels, lowered metabolic function, and decreased levels of motivation. Finding a marijuana strain that improves sleep may be the best way it can help you lose weight if you currently aren't sleeping well.

Here are 3 popular cannabis strains that can induce better sleep:

CB1 Receptor Bonding

CB1 and CB2 receptor chart

Perhaps the most potent effect that can promote cannabis weight loss is the ability of THC and THCV to bond to the CB1 receptor.

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Typically, the diets of overweight people are too high in Omega 6 fatty acids that attach to the CB1 receptor and cause all kinds of havoc on the metabolism. Appetite is increased, metabolism is lowered, and the risk for major diseases increases heavily.

THC and THCV Can bond to the CB1 receptor and block the access for those harmful Omega 6 fatty acids. This can improve your metabolic function and improve your health as well.

Instead of an appetite increase over time, THC will cause the initial munchies and then lower appetite for days, or even weeks.

Cannabis Weight Loss Can Work!

As crazy as it may sound, smoking weed to lose weight may be a useful tool. Learning how to lose weight with weed comes down to proper cannabis strain choices and an effort beyond just smoking more often.

Are you interested in marijuana and weight loss and other health benefits of marijuana? Cannabis Training University has all the information you need right here!

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