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Microdosing Your Medical Marijuana. Marijuana buds on a tray.

Microdosing Your Medical Cannabis

As it stands now, the cannabis industry is obsessed with potency and a high level of THC. It means everything to so many people who consume cannabis; whether medical cannabis or recreational cannabis. The cannabis advocates in most communities across the United States are growing and are opposed to less consumption than more. This is an approach that is labeled “microdosing.” This trend is growing as cannabis consumption becomes more normalized.

Today, it can be said that medical cannabis has become stronger in comparison to what it was decades ago. Many medical cannabis patients prefer to adapt to microdosing for various reasons. But, let us explain this phenomenon; how it works and whether it is beneficial or not.

The Method

Microdosing is used to control the amount of THC that you consume. It means that you will need less cannabis in order to get the effect that you are seeking. The easiest method of microdosing is through edibles. The cannabis strains that are on the market today are high in potency and so rather than smoke a whole joint at one time to feel its effects, you may only have to take a few puffs and still have that same ‘high' feeling. The key is to go slow and steady, if you want to practice microdosing. You will save money and have more cannabis in your stash to use at a later date. Pay attention to the effect of your joint during a smoking session. Adjust as you go along. It all depends on the strength of the cannabis strain that you are using. Eventually, you will find out how much marijuana you need to smoke to receive the desired ‘high.'

The Practice

The ideal way to practice microdosing is consuming edibles. Why? Well, you have to know the amount of THC in the product when you are making edibles. You should begin slowly until you get accustomed to it. In case you are not aware, edibles take up to forty five minutes to go through your digestive system and into your bloodstream. So if you wait until forty five minutes and you still think you need more, it is OK to take another dose and wait another forty five minutes. This is the way some medical cannabis patients have chosen to practice micro-dosing. When you smoke a joint, the effect of the THC will hit you right away, but not so with edibles. It is more difficult to practice microdosing when you smoke a joint since you have to use a certain amount of buds to build the joint. And so smoking is not the ideal choice, if you are thinking about microdosing since it is not easy to get the precise THC level.

The Benefits

There are some benefits to microdosing. For one, it helps to reduce anxiety and pain. Many people are not aware that large doses of THC in recreational or medical cannabis can essentially cause anxiety in some. When you smoke or consume too much cannabis, it can exacerbate your anxiety. However, if you choose lower doses (micro-dosing), you will stand a better chance to be in a better mood without relying on psychoactive effects. Micro-dosing will help you reduce symptoms related to depression, insomnia, inflammation, indigestion and nausea. Micro-dosing allows you to be more focused, alert and creative. You won't feel overly stoned at any time nor lethargic and paranoid.

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Final Summary

Microdosing is a personal decision, but one that will make you feel good without the considerable ‘high.' Whether you are a medical cannabis patient or smoke cannabis recreationally, be sure to begin with 2.5 milligrams for at least three days and by then, you can measure what works for you and what doesn't.

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