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THC is considered an essential part of the cannabis research responsibility, especially as it relates to seeing how the marijuana plant as therapy to those with certain medical illnesses. Due to the movement in the cannabis industry, research and jobs are also seeing much growth.

Even the federal government has started to see the benefits of looking into cannabis research for the management of chronic pain. The connection between our health and marijuana is still in uncharted territory. If the feds could only fully release opportunities for more cannabis research, the country would experience a wave of enlightenment as it relates to understanding marijuana.

However, even with the limitations on cannabis research, many advocates are doing their own surveys, studies and trending reports to help the public understand the health benefits of cannabis. These essential developments are being tracked throughout 2019. Let us look at some of the recent cannabis research that shows the importance of THC.

THC Dominance

If you are that cannabis enthusiasts, you should already know that CBD provides lots of health benefits, but THC is the more dominant component of the marijuana plant. If you are looking for therapeutic relief, then THC content would be your best bet combined with a little CBD.

Many researchers are using real time effect measurements of marijuana products to show the benefits THC content in the marijuana plant and it is resonating with so many people, even while CBD is seeing fast growth and popularity.

Job Opportunities

As a result of cannabis research and the advancement and development of the industry, more cannabis jobs are being created and each year, it gets better and better.

Another thing to consider is that more mature adults are working past their retirement age. Some of them who are using cannabis to get rid of pain find that it is working and helping them to work even longer. Many of them have proven the importance of THC content in their medical care and for that reason, some may want to transition into the cannabis industry working in various capacities so they can give their testimonials upfront.

Medical Cannabis Program

During the cannabis research that took place in Minnesota, some cancer patients with enrollment in the four month medical cannabis program showed a reduction in several of the symptoms that would normally be obvious. They were pleased to report that the program helped them to recover to some point where western medicine said that they couldn't.

That is why it is so important to continue with cannabis research to help other medical patients get to that point of recovery so they can trigger more research on their particular illness and its correlation with THC.

THC Preservation

If you freeze marijuana, the THC will hold much better as was indicated by cannabis research experts in Italy. When THC is stored at room temperature, it degrades much faster, but when it is frozen, the opposite is true. The freezing helps to preserve the THC from degradation.

No one yet knows if this method works for edibles or flower and so that is why cannabis research is so essential to finding out these things.

Final Thoughts

The sale of medical cannabis has risen to an all time high in Canada as soon as full legalization took place in October 2018. Many people think that this phenomenon is positive in the opening up of cannabis research on a larger phase. As long as sales continue to rise, there is enough reason why medical cannabis research will be a huge part of the agenda for the Canadian legislature.

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