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As it relates to cannabis, you may be aware that there are many ways to consume it. You can consume edibles made from cannabis, you can smoke it and you can use it as a tincture. Topical cannabis is also good for pain and muscular aches. Cannabis tea is used to get high and for other ailments.

But, what about the rectal area? Rectal cannabis is one of the newest trend in the marijuana industry that medical cannabis patients would do well to embrace. Why? It has already proven to offer amazing health benefits.

THC Levels of Rectal Cannabis Suppositories

Don't blush now. This is something that is normal. So, let us discuss this. Rectal cannabis has a wide range of benefits. It has gained popularity and cannabis users are getting a hold of this product. This is especially true for medical cannabis patients who do not like to ingest or inhale marijuana products with high THC levels.

Rectal cannabis has proven to be effective and easy to administer. It has also provided great health benefits without having to deal with high THC levels. Cannabis suppositories is something that needs to be considered by medical cannabis patients. It is great that cannabis patients now have so many options. Let's now look at how the rectal cannabis products work and what they really are.

What are Rectal Cannabis Suppositories?

Suppositories have always been on the market. So, this is nothing new. It is just that they were never associated with cannabis before. Rectal cannabis was bought on the market as a consideration for medical cannabis patients who do not like THC content in their body by way of smoking or ingesting.

Suppositories, in general are capsules that are usually inserted rectally or vaginally. Rectal cannabis is made in form of special suppositories, which are usually an inch in length and made from a combination of coconut oil and cannabis.

The Insertion

When the rectal cannabis suppository is inserted, it is dissolved in the body and goes into the bloodstream via the intestinal wall lining. In comparison to other medical cannabis products, rectal cannabis is easier for the body to use. In other words, it is amazingly bio-available.

For instance, when you inhale cannabis, the estimate is that it is up to twenty five percent efficient, depending largely on the amount consumed and the frequency that it is smoked.

When cannabis is ingested, the estimate is that it is twenty percent efficient with varying effects, depending on how much was consumed and possibly, even the type of cannabis strain used.

Higher Rate of Efficiency

On the other hand, rectal cannabis suppositories have a higher rate of efficiency, up to seventy percent and producing predictable results on each occasion that it is used.

In addition, these rectal cannabis suppositories, you should wait up to fifteen minutes to see results. Medically, these results could last for up to eight hours. How do you know if you should use rectal cannabis or not?

The Right Candidate for Rectal Cannabis Suppositories

For many medical cannabis patients, rectal cannabis suppositories are the right solution. This is even especially true for patients with nausea and vomiting symptoms from chemotherapy for cancer. In this case, it is more difficult to ingest cannabis compared to using it as a suppository. In the case of an elderly patient with problems swallowing pills or someone going into surgery, rectal cannabis is the answer.

How to Use Rectal Cannabis Suppositories

Rectal cannabis suppositories are easy to use as any other suppository. However, for adults, it should be two grams and for children, only one gram. When you buy it, make sure it is securely wrapped in wax paper and store it in a refrigerator to keep it firm.

The Effects of Rectal Cannabis Suppositories

Once administered, rectal cannabis suppositories disintegrate and are quickly released into the bloodstream from either the pelvis or rectum. If you were having pain, the suppositories will reduce the pain.

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